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AIR-Your trusted Professional Communication Solutions Partner

AIR is a premier technology company, one of the largest Distributors of Motorola Solutions in the EMEA Region and System Integrator providing Professional Communication Solutions and Mobility & IT Applications for Public Safety, Government, Commercial, Industrial and Transport sectors. AIR began in 1990 and has since grown to direct offices in nine countries and partners in over 60 countries all over the world, including U.S.A, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

AIR offers a wide variety of professional communication solutions and products, including Broadband, TETRA, Command and control, AVL/GPS, Communication network testing, wireless coverage, Emergency communication as well as on demand customized solutions and system integration. Our portfolio of products, solutions and services provides the tools you need to get the job done while maintaining a competitive edge and saving costs. Browse through our pages and see what AIR can do for you!

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X10DR Long Range Secure Wireless Microphone Available Now!

American International Radio, Inc (AIR) is pleased to add a new product in its portfolio, the X10DR, a Long Range Secure Wireless Microphone for mobile radios.   The X10DR® ("Extender") is revolutionary patented secure wireless microphone that liberates the way you communicate with your two way mobile radio.   Finally, you can cut the cord from the vehicle mobile radio and stay in communication up to hundreds of meters from the vehicle.   The X10DR® takes the power, range and stability of a mobile radio, right into the palm of your hand or sitting comfortably on your shoulder.   The X10DR® enables team members to communicate back to base and amongst other team members onsite, via the vehicle mounted mobile radio.   The X10DR® is durable, lightweight, affordable and intuitive to use.   Finally, mobile radio users can stay in communication out of the vehicle with ease, comfort and security.   It's finally time to Liberate Your Mobile Radio!™   Talk in or out of the vehicle 60 meters…150 meters…300 meters… Back to base and team communications Seamless integration Secure encrypted communication Easy to use, intuitive design Minimal user training required Lightweight & rugged Smart accessories All day operation   “ Your mobile radio on your shoulder”   The X10DR allows everyone now to stay connected out of their vehicle X10DR and works seamlessly with your existing vehicle mobile radios.   Applications:  Mission Critical & Police Emergency Services- Paramedics/Ambulances, Firefighters Commercial Fleets Electrical Authorities Utilities ( Gas, Water, Telephone Services) Mining and Constructions   For pricing and dealer demo packages details, please contact us at sales@airadio.com!   For more details please check the X10DR's web page.  

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