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Advanced Communication System
  • Offers Cost Efficiency and System Longevity
  • Delivers Robust, Reliable Operations
  • Open Data Architecture to Support Third Party Applications

Zetron's Acom Command and Control Communications System offers security and resiliency to organizations which require reliability and integrity of their communications. The fully digital, state-of-the-art switching and multiplexing system provides superior performance, network connectivity and flexibility all aimed at supporting a cost effective solution for your system. One Acom switch can support large capacity, region-wide or country wide systems and because of its highly interoperable nature Acom can support a wide spectrum of radio band, including dissimilar communication interfaces.
The fault tolerant, robust and reliable operations of the series 6000 are ieal for organizations whose dispatch operations must continue to function during catastrophic events. Acom’s end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging, and video communications to provide unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use. With an intuitive and easy to configure user interface system resources can be consolidated into a single user interface thus improving productivity and reducing associated training costs.
ACOM is offering system capacities from a few dispatchers operating in a fixed or mobile environment to 100+ operator positions located in centralized or distributed communications centers , and 1500 non-blocking channels.
Benefits Include:
→ Fault -tolerant, robust reliable operations
→ Efficient, intuitive, easy-to-configure user interface
→ Enhance Interoperability
→ Rich feature set
→ Enhanced Systems Integration
→ Low-cost evolution and system longevity
→ Scalable Platform
→ Options for customization
Features Include:
√ Radio Dispatch
√ PABX/PSTN Access
√ Autocall Routing
√ Trunked Radio Interfaces & Protocols
√ Paging
√ Digital Data Telemetry
√ Web-streaming Video for CCTV
√ Alarm & Channel Monitoring
√ Voice Logging
√ Interactive Voice Response
√ Remote Control Management
√ Recorded Voice Annoucement
√ Open Data Architecture to Support Third Party Developers
√ Automatic Call Distribution & More...
The Zetron's Acom Advanced Communications System is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Military, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Transportation markets. Zetron—ensuring the highest voice quality reliability for mission critical communications.  
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