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Air4G-L44 Diagonal

Air4G-L44 Diagonal Air4G-L44 Ports

Air4G - Most powerful macro 4G LTE-Advanced base station

Airspan’s 4G product range comprises of macro, pico and micro 4G base stations, indoor and outdoor user devices and complementing core network products. In addition, Airspan has several products integrating Broadband Wireless Access, Wi-Fi, backhaul and VoIP technologies.

Airspan’s new suite of 4G LTE Radio Access Network (RAN) base stations ensures that carriers can extend their 4G services to new customers and improve connectivity to existing customers, increasing revenues while saving on operating and capital expenses.

4G connectivity means that a user can enjoy bandwidth intensive applications while on the move – whether in a car or on a train. This works due to the network support for handoffs and roaming. Airspan solutions maintain a connection while the user moves across cell borders, essentially handing off the service from one base station to the next. Air4G operates in the 700 MHz up to the 6 GHz bands. Air4G has variants with two transmitters and four receivers as well as variants with four transmitters and four receivers. Air4G has TDD and FDD variants.

The unique form factor of Air4G secures the investment of the operator and minimizes the OPEX and CAPEX, while offering capabilities such as MIMO and advanced Frequency Domain Scheduling. These capabilities enable higher throughput, range, and capacity with more effi cient use of the spectrum.

Features and Benefits

  • LTE-Advanced feature set including 1 Gbps capacity, carrier aggregation and very low latency
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) supports multiple radio interfaces and standards
  • Ability to support combinations of 2G, 3G, 4G technologies on the same platform
  • 4G eNodeB pico base station with integrated, high capacity, self-connecting and optimizing wireless backhaul
  • Minimized OPEX and CAPEX
  • Class Leading Quality of Service (QoS) feature sets
  • Beyond-the-standard spectral efficiency and link budgets
  • Non-line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint access and point-to-point backhaul with relay
  • Network deployment methodologies that allow a pay-as-you-grow investment profile
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