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Axell Wireless Railway Solutions

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AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş.  is a premier distributor for Axell Wireless and is pleased to offer wireless communication solutions for Railway Coverage Applications.
Axell's solutions are well adapted to meet the demanding needs of specific railway requirement of reliability and redundancy providing coverage solutions for GSM-R and public safety system, such as TETRA.
They can also customize customer specific systems for other frequency areas. Their broad product portfolio covers the following frequency bands: CSR, TETRA, GSM-R, GSM 900, GSM 1800 or UMTS.
Axell's railway solutions portfolio covers three main product ranges:
      → GSM-R
      → OnBoard
      → TETRA
Railway Coverage applications incorporate channel selective repeaters to provide quick and cost efficient methods for extending coverage in new or existing GSM-R networks offering operaters the capability to expand a base station's service area by filling in any coverage gaps caused by terrain, structures or tunnels.

To mimic base station output power levels in GSM-R networks Axell uses frequency translating repeaters and band shifting repeaters consisting of two units, a donor unit (placed close to the BTS) and a remote unit (placed at the selected site).  Using this type of set up, where the link between the two units is run on another frequency and/or band, the antenna isolation requirements are reduced.
In tunnel coverage, primary used for TETRA requirements, is then achieved through using fibre-fed repeaters which are connected to the base stations via an OMU(optical master unit), which convert the RF signal received from the base station to an optical signal that is then transmitted to the repeater via the fibre optic cable.
The use of Axell's multiband, multi operator repeater is designed primarily as an OnBoard solution with flexibility to provide coverage within train carriages. Its construction was built to withstand the physical environment inside a train while meeting all of the standard requirements for train equipment.
Benefits of Using Axell's Railway Tunnel Applications:
√ Quick and cost efficient
√ Use of repeaters reduces space and RF propogation issues
√ Provides continuous and redundant coverage along railway tracks
√ Designed to withstand inside physical environment in a train 
Axell Wireless' expertise with tunnel radio coverage is a great advantage when a seamless communication result is of the utmost importance. Typical installation of radio coverage depends upon length of the tunnel. AIR technical experts in conjunction with Axell will provide the most comprehensive, effective railway coverage solution for your organizations needs and requirements. Their dedicated portfolio of GSM-R products delivers the continuous and redundant coverage organizations expect to keep in contact with people on and in the field.
*At this time Axell Wireless solutions are only available in Turkey and the surrounding regions, for more information contact
TheAxell Wireless Railway Applications are ideal for Government, Transportation, Industrial and Public Safety markets. With more than 30 years expertise, Axell Wireless delivers the solutions and seamless coverage you require, backed by their committment to provide exceptional service. 
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