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Axell Wireless Selective Repeater: BSR424

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Band Selective Repeater

  • Cost Effective & Reliable Coverage
  • Quick & Easy Deployment
  • Robust Performance Regardless of Environment
Axell Wireless's BSR424 Band Selective Repeater provides cost-effective, reliable coverage in confined areas. This system utilizes an entry shelf unit, such as an antenna fed repeater, which is combined with the BSR424.

The Main Features of Axell Wireless BSR424 Selective Repeaters

The BSR424 is an ideal, cost-effective solution for TETRA coverage in smaller buildings or structures that require security supervision.
Frequency Bands Available:
     UL                         DL
380-385MHz           390-395MHz
385-390MHz           395-400MHz
410-415MHz           420-425MHz
415-420MHz           425-430MHz
450-455MHz           460-465MHz
455-460MHz           465-470MHz
Features Include:

Cost-Effective and Reliable Coverage
Quick & Easy Coverage Deployment
Instant In-building Coverage & Simple Installation
High Outpout Power to Amplify Signal up to 60 dB

The Axell Wireless BSR424 Band Selective Repeater is ideal for Government, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Military and Public Safety markets. With more than 30 years expertise, Axell Wireless delivers the solutions and seamless coverage you require, backed by their committment to provide exceptional service.
BSR424 Band Selective Repeater Datasheet

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