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Bosch Telex Dual Remote Adapter: IP-223

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Reliable Dual IP Remote Adapter Panel

  • Provides 2 PTT Modes & 3 Monitor Modes
  • Offers 7 Functional Modes
  • Control Up to 2 Communication Devices From Any Dispatch Location
The Telex IP-223 provides a bridge for two-way radios and other communication devices onto an IP dispatch network and a reliable means of controlling up to two, two-way radio base stations. Capable of decoding 5/6 tone signaling, dispatchers are able to use the adapter in six various modes: Local Mode, Tone Mode, Console Mode, Crosspatch Mode, in conjunction with PIB-223 (POTS Line) and NI-223 (iDEN phone).

The Main Features of Bosch Telex IP-223 Dual Remote Adapter 

Because of the flexibility the IP-223 remote adapter offers, connection to the Telex C-6200 console or C-Soft windows console via WAN connection is easy and provides numerous dispatch configurations in a variety of modes.
Features Include:
  • Encode iDEN Emergency
  • Radio Telephony Operation
  • Enhanced Crosspatch Capabilities
  • Line to Line Crosspatch
  • Start/Stop Function Tone Line to Line Crosspatch
  • Dial
  • Dial VoIP
  • Phone Patch
  • Multiple Vocoders
  • 5-tone Detection
  • Seven Digital Programmable Outputs
  • Front Panel Test Points & Level Set Potentiometers
  • COR Click Dialing
  • Improved Web-based Programming Interface
  • Seven Functional Modes
  • Local—Direct connection to any radio, bridging it onto the IP network
  • Tone—Generate standard control tones via conventional connections to radio
  • Console—Bridge analog consoles into an IP dispatch network
  • Crosspatch/Repeater—Directly patch communications devices on the network without a console
  • Phone—Connects standard POTS telephone line to the dispatch network via the TDI
  • iDEN—Puts iDEN phones onto the dispatch network and provides advanced access and control
  • TETRA—Provides access to advanced features of the TETRA system via an interface 
  • F1 and F2 Programmable Relays
  • CTCSS Generation (64 Frequencies)
Telex's IP-223 delivers additional benefits and capabilities as well which include:
  • Convert existing analog dispatch equipment to IP backbone
  • Extend the reach and capacity of your communication infrastructure
  • Control all radio functions
  • Interface with telephone, satellite and cellular devices
  • Transmit audio and control information via Ethernet connection
  • Link multiple IP-223s with its flexible, modular design
Telex's IP-223 Dual Remote Adapter is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Municipalities and Military markets. Delivering advanced  communications equipment for over 75 years, Telex a dependable leader in advanced communication solutions.
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