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Bosch Telex Nexus IP Console

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Nexus IP Console

A Complete Communications Solution

  • Supports Up to 30 Simultaneous Crosspatch Groups
  • Offers Flexible Configuration from 2 to 200 Lines
  • Delivers Maximum Stability and Operating Performance
The Nexus IP Console Position is a complete dispatch communications solution designed and developed for stability, performance and simplicity in the mission critical communications arena. Delivering everything one would expect from a quality manufacturer and world-class dispatch solution. The IP platform makes it simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to use in any dispatch setting. The software console is entirely user configurable through the C Soft Designer program.



The Main Features of Bosch Telex Nexus IP Console 

The user interface was designed to be completely customized from controlling the button layout from size to color and shape to the background color and many more. In addition the Nexus IP Console offers the capability to store multiple dispatch configurations on a single station for different applications and/or usage scenarios, providing the ultimate in system flexibility and scalability.
Features Include:
  • Flexible Configurations From 2 to 200 Lines
  • Signaling Capabilities:
  • MDC1200 encode and decode
  • FleetSync encode and decode
  • DTMF
  • Serial and OTA FleetSync
  • NexEdge
  • 5/6 tone—Supports emergency, group, individual, and status calls
  • Instant Recall Recorder
  • Intercom Capabilities: Intercom communications between dispatch positions can be set up on all consoles on the system
  • Supports Up to 30 Simultaneous Crosspatch Groups
  • Multiple Vocoders: Per Line Vocoder Type—Ability to select lower bandwidth Vocoder
  • Special Interfaces: IDEN, TETRA, P25, Phone/PSTN
Telex's Nexus IP Console is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Municipalities and Military markets. Delivering advanced  communications equipment for over 75 years, Telex a dependable leader in advanced communication solutions.
Nexus IP Consule Brochure

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