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Bosch Telex Telephone Dispatch Interface: TDI

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Telephone Dispatch Interface

  • Enhanced Hardware Echo Canceller
  • Allows Patching of Radio & Phone Calls
  • Provides High Audio Quality & Adjustment
Telex's TDI Telephone Dispatch Interface delivers significant improvements and audio performance in placing and receiving land-line based calls, over the older PIB-223 model. This new model offers enhanced hardware and audio quality adjustments. Additionally, a single phone line can now be a shared resource among several IP-based dispatch consoles in a facility.

The Main Feature of Bosch Telex TDI Telephone Dispatch Interface

Like all dispatch-to-telephone interfaces, the TDI allows dispatchers to patch radio transmissions and telephone calls together, but its improved audio performance delivers crystal clear communications like never before. Additionally, the TDI passes all caller ID information to the dispatcher’s console, so that information is available on-screen when needed.
Features Include:
  • Enhanced Hardware Echo Canceller
  • Allows Patching of Phone and Radio Calls
  • Allows Multiple Dispatchers on IP Network to Share a Single Phone Line
  • Eliminates Echo Common on IP Phone Conversations
  • Passes Caller ID Information to Dispatch Console for Display

The TDI combination makes the PSTN phone line a network asset to any Telex IP-based console (i.e., C-Soft, C-6200, IP-1616, or IP-2002) allowing telephone calls to be placed or received at the dispatch position. The TDI model replaces the PIB-223.

Telex's TDI Telephone Dispatch Interface is ideal for Government, Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Municipalities and Military markets. Delivering advanced  communications equipment for over 75 years, Telex a dependable leader in advanced communication solutions.
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