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Single Line Radio Control Console
  • Control Up to 100 Frequencies
  • 15 Programmable DTMF Addresses
  • Programmable Single or Dual Function Tones
The Telex C-2000/C-2000HS delivers feature-rich functionality and the ability to select and control a single base station and up to 100 frequenices. C-2000 offers crossmute and supervisory capability and programmable squelch control, which eliminates the unwanted noise generally associated with line monitoring. In addition, this single line console can also be used to program multiple consoles vias the  serial port located on the back of the console.
With two wire/four wire, local, and E&M, along with its programmable simplex/full duplex functionality, the C-2000 offers the flexibility and capabilities you need to keep your workforce in contact with one another. The console is DSP-designed and can be programmed by using the DTMF keypad on the front. Another benefit to both Telex C-2000/C-2000 HS is no software is required, unlike many of the other similiar products you find on the market today.
The console comes standard with a built-in Mic. The C-2000HS comes standard with handset.
Features Include:
√ Programmable Single or Dual Function Tones
√ Two-wire or Four-wire (field programmable)
√ Simplex/Full-duplex (field programmable)
√ Programmable Squelch Control
√ TX Monitor
√ Supervised Control
√ Crossmute (hardwire)
√ TX Notch Filter
√ Alert Tone/Warble
√ 15 Programmable DTMF Addresses
√ Parallel Sonsole Update  
The Bosch Telex C-2000/C-2000HS is ideal for Public Safety, Security, Construction, Transportation, Utilities, Industrial and Recreational markets. Dependable and a leader in the field of signaling equipment, Bosch Telex, together with AIR deliver clearer communications and quality equipment.
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