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Two Line Radio Control Console
  • Offers Up to 99 Frequency Control
  • Simplex/Full Duplex Programmable
  • 16 Digit DTMF Keypad 
The Telex C-2002 offers loads of features with the ability of controlling up to two base stations and meeting the requirements for controlling remote base stations as well. C-2002 offers crossmute and supervisory capability and programmable squelch control, which eliminates the unwanted noise generally associated with line monitoring.

With two wire/four wire, local, and E&M, along with its programmable simplex/full duplex functionality, the C-2002 offers the flexibility and capabilities you need to keep your workforce in contact with one another. The console is DSP-designed and can be programmed by using the DTMF keypad on the front. The console comes standard with a handset and panel mic.

Features Include:
√ Selective Call Indication
√ Programmable Fuction Tones
√ Programmable TX Delay
√ Audio Delay
√ Parallel Console Update
√ Monitor, Intercom, PTT
√ Alert Tone
√ ALT Button
√ Mute, Release and Select (per line)
√ Supervisory Control
√ 16-digit DTMF Keypad
√ Parallel TX LED Detect
√ Up to 99 Frequency Control
√ Three Simultaneous Microphones
√ NEW! Version 3.0 includes DTMF ANI Decode
The Bosch Telex C-2002 is ideal for Public Safety, Security, Construction, Transport, Utilities, Industrial and Recreational markets. Dependable and a leader in the field of signaling equipment, Bosch Telex, together with AIR deliver clearer communications and quality equipment.

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