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American International Radio, Inc. is a premier distribution partner for DAMM and is pleased to offer an exclusive TETRA Solution featuring DAMM's Tetraflex in AIR's AIRTETRA RDS Transportable TETRA System Solution.
AIRTETRA™ RDS has taken DAMM’s TetraFlex outdoor system to the next level by making the system transportable. It is a full one carrier TETRA system, with all the features – it includes one SB421 Service Box and one BS421 Base Station.
The entire system is conveniently packaged together in a hard-shell mobile case, allowing easy access to its connectors and interfaces via a customized panel. Ideal for Critical Response Situations - AIRTETRA™ RDS is the perfect solution for TETRA users dealing with mission critical and emergency situations, when communication capacities are in high demand and connectivity to existing communications systems is not possible.
Its portability allows for working in the most rugged  terrain and difficult conditions, providing the confidence required of knowing you have a fast, reliable communication deployment system at your fingertips.
Deployable in Minutes - AIRTETRA™ RDS is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Once you have reached your destination, simply connect the antenna(s) and cables to AIRTETRA™ RDS and switch on the power. Simple. Easy. Reliable. If time is critical the system can be turned on by using the internal battery back up (if equipped) for a maximum of two hours, until it can be connected to an external power source.
AIR's AIRTETRA RDS Transportable TETRA System is ideal for Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial, Emergency Response and Transportation applications. For more information on AIRTETRA RDS Solutions please contact your local AIR sales representative or click here.  
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