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Application Load Testing

AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş.
is the premier distributor for Spirent Communcations and is pleased to offer Application Load Testing Solutions featuring Spirent's Avalanche 3100 and Avalanche 3100GT.
Spirent's Avalanche is the most comprehensive and high performance capacity L4-L7 test solution available on the market today. Providing capacity, security and performance testing for network infrastructures, Web application infrastructures and Triple Play services, Avalanche ensures Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for your customers.
The Avalanche 3100 is a line rate, 1 Gbps Layer 4-7 multi-protocol stateful traffice performance solution that is capable of multi 10Gbps of stateful application traffic generation. It leads the industry as the high throughput security tester with over 6Gbps of bulk encrypted traffic generation capabilities. Avalanche 3100 users now have the ability to test devices to the ultimate limits at line rate simulating daily business traffice and understand the impact under worst case scenarios of network faults and attacks.
Avalanche simulates today's complex networks and applications to ensure that products and services will excel in a real-world environment. Real-world conditions are accruately replicated by simulating error conditions, realistic user behavior, and maintaining over one million open connections from distinct IP addresses.
Avalanche can scale to the needs of the even the world's largest infrastructures and is designed for network equipment manufacturers, service providers, enterprises, and Website managers that demand absolute realism and control under all conditions. Avalanche challenges any computing infrastructure's ability to stand up to the load and complexity of the real world.
Benefits of Avalanche:
√ Reduces the Risk of Performance Issues and Outages by Testing Prior to Deployment
√ Secure Network Communication/Vulnerability Assessment with Real Attacks & User Authentication
√ Verify System Optimization and Policy Updates—to ensure system can handle peak traffice for response-time-sensitive applications
√ Ability to Add Custom Flows     
√ Create Associated Transactions from Access → Secure Channel → Connection → Application
√ Verify That Systems Enforce Policies and Defend Against Attacks While Maintaining Peformance
√ Capability to Test Real Application, Web Services & Content Delivery Devices
Spirent designed Avalanche 3100 with the future in mind, to allow for scalability and expandibility that allows for up to 4 x 10 Gbps ports—each can be independently reserved and is cable of clients or server operation. The flexible load profile offers testers the flexibility to specify load variables, while the standard configuration of Avalanche can support over 12 million open TCP connections. For increased configuration support look to Avalanche 3100GT while supports 25 million open connections.
Spirent's Application Load Testing Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets. For more information on Spirent's Avalanche Application Load Testing System go to or to learn more about their portfolio of Broadband or Application Load Testing Solutions go to
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