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Motorola Solutions Digital Mobile Radio: XTL 2500

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ASTRO high performance digital mobile radio

This product will be cancelled as of November 30, 2014. Please contact your for additional information.

Please check with us for availability in specific projects and countries.

  • Interoperable voice signaling
  • Built in FLASHport™ support
  • Dual mode operation

The Motorola Solutions ASTRO® XTL™ 2500 is engineered around the user, with the flexibility, adaptability and feature set that mission critical communications demands. Delivering clear and continuous high-quality communications the XTL™ 2500 is adaptable to a wide array of markets from local municipalities to federal agencies to mission critical operations. A clear choice, combining cutting-edge technology, real-world ruggedness and ergonomic design with a simple to use interface and offering seamless migration when circumstances require the need.


The main features of Motorola Solutions XTL2500 digital mobile radios 

Built tough to withstand the harshest of environments, its shock resistant and impervious to dust and rain. It supports a multitude of applications from encryption to data capabilities and is available in mid and high power models.     Frequency ranges:
  • VHF: 136–174 MHz
  • UHF: 403–470 MHz
  • 450–520 MHz
  • 700/800 MHz: 764–870 MHz  

Features include:

  • 870 channels, Digital/Analog Operation
  • Ultra–readable Tri-color Backlit LCD Display
  • Dual Mode Operation: Digital and Analog
  • P25 Compliant Interoperable Voice Signaling
  • Power levels:

          10–50 Watt (136–174 MHz)

          10–40 Watt (380–470 MHz)           10–45 Watt (450–520 MHz)

          10–35 Watt (764–870 MHz)

          25–110 Watt (136–174 MHz)           25–110 Watt (380–470 MHz)
  • Encryption Capable: AES, DES, DES-XL, DES–OFB, Advanced Digital Privacy (ADP)
  • Data Capable
  • FLASHport™ Support
  • Supports accessories common to the XTL 5000 radio
  • Dual Control Head Capable
  • ASTRO 25 Text Messaging
  • Programming Over Project 25 (POP25)
  • Tactical Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)
             The ASTRO® XTL™ 2500 is ideal for Government/Public Safety and Industrial markets. AIR and Motorola your trusted source for maintaining critical operations and providing mission critical radio solutions to keep your objectives on target.   

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