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Motorola Canopy

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AIR is a premier Distribution Partner of Motorola and pleased to bring to our customers Motorola's Canopy Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Networking Solution.
The Motorola Canopy system was engineered utilizing innovative wireless broadband technology employing radio technology to deliver cost-effective high speed internet access, VoIP, and video surveillance to residential, institutional, business and municipal customers in underserved or infrastructure deprived areas. With built-in installation and deployment assistance, Motorola PMP solutions offer easier implementations and faster deployment times.
The Motorola Canopy platform also integrates easily with existing networks systems and management tools, making it easeir to extend existing networks, while still offering the scalability, robust performance,and additional security layers needed for system requirements.
Additional advantages of utilizing the Motorola Canopy System over wi-fi or other WLAN products available on the market today include:
— Explicitly controlled transmission timing so all access points (APs) can be synchronized via GPS to prevent interference
— Designed for WISP use, prevents one subscriber module from "hogging" bandwidth, while delivering optimal interference rejection and easy management
Benefits of Motorola Canopy Offers:
√ Configuration Flexibility
√ Wide Range of Spectrum Options
       – 900 MHz          – 5.2 GHz
       – 2.4 GHz           – 5.4 GHz
       – 4.9 GHz           – 5.7 GHz
       – 5.1 GHz           – 5.9 GHz
√ Extended Coverage
√ Low Start up Cost
√ No Costly Radio Spectrum Licenses
√ Simple, Fast Deployment & Easy Installation
√ System Supports Various Operating Ranges
√ Increased Security
√ Scalability
√ Revenue Creation
By offering a system that takes little investment, it becomes more affordable to smaller business or cities that need to develop an infrastructure to create more opportunity.  The Canopy system delivers this and is more affordable than many other wireless connectivity options available in the market today. For networks of all kinds, WiBB PMP Solutions help to deliver vital components of high satisfaction: service, security, productivity, affordability and an enhanced user experience.
The Motorola Canopy Solution is ideal for Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Municipalities and Public Safety. AIR, together with Motorola—delivering innovative software solutions to design, deploy and manage broadband networks maximizing reach, reliability and investment.
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