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Network Performance Analysis Testing Platform

AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş. is the premier distributor for Spirent Communcations and is pleased to offer Network Performance Analysis Testing Solutions featuring Spirent's SmartBits.  
Spirent's SmartBits provides a robust and versatile testing platform for network infrastructure, from initial design to ongoing testing. The SmartBits product portfolio enables you to test, simulate, analyze, troubleshoot, develop and certify network infrastructure, while delivering analysis solutions for all stages of a product's life cycle.
Featuring portable, high-density chassis and an assortment of modules that support various technologies, protocols and interfaces in addition to software applications and script, SmartBits ensure that products from multiple vendors deliver the reliability and performance you need.
Ideally the system is best used for high port density testing of Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, POS, Fibre Channel and Frame Relay networks and network devices.
Benefits of SmartBits:
√ Validate that a VoIP Deployment Delivers Voice Quality & Reliability Your Users Demand
√ Measure Performance Limits (from emerging technology to large enterprise networks)
√ Ability to Ensure That Products From Mulitple Vendors Deliver the Reliability & Performance You Need
√ Largest Installed Base of Traffic Generation and Analysis Equipment
√ Multiple Platforms Provide the Flexibility to Test from 4 Ports to 96 Ports
√ Verify Vendor Upgrades Will Perform in Your Network

If you're looking for a system that can provide you the ability to measure performance limits, validate that VoIP deployments are delivering the the voice quality and reliablity your customers demand, and that it can verify that security devices will protect your network from from internal and external attacks, the SmartBits Network Performance Analysis System is the perfect solution for you. 
Spirent's Network Performance Analysis System Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets. Spirent—delivering the realism of live network conditions into the lab to provide the performance and quality your customers expect. For more information on SmartBits Network Performance Analysis System contact or to learn more about Spirent's portfolio of Broadband Testing & System Solutions go to  
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