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AIR delivers Digital Communications Solutions Conference in Togo

AIR Product Presentation
AIR Product Presentation AIR Product Presentation Channel Partners Group Picture

Lomé, Togo 25th-27th 2012American International Radio, Inc. opened doors to Central and Western Africa by bringing the first ever regional telecommunication conference in the area

This year’s three day event was addressed to both governmental organizations and industrial companies customers from Togo and the surrounding countries including Benin, Niger, Mali, Gabon, Chad, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. The meet, held at the Hotel Mercure Sarakawa in Lomé, was attended by over 70 participants who were introduced to the latest product and solution offerings from Motorola Solutions, AIR, Barrett Communications and Zetron, including Mototrbo, TETRA, and SafeMobile’s most recent release RadioPad and RadioPod.
Day one of the regional conference held 30 plus participants from governmental organizations in Togo with guests ranging from the director of transmissions of the Togolese Army Colonel Nolaki Kossi, to Navy, Gendarmerie, Police and United Nations Representatives. In its opening speech, Colonel Nolaki Kossi welcomed the guests by stating that “This event represents an opportunity for governmental institutions in Togo to discover the latest trends and technologies in the radio telecommunication market. We congratulate AIR and Motorola for having the initiative of hosting an event of such a scale”. Mister Abou-bakr Lamana, AIR’s business development director for Central and Western Africa presented overall AIR and its channel partners’ presence in EMEA, AIR strategy, vision and success reference within African region. Lamana stated: “The main purpose of this event is to promote the latest digital two-way radio communication solutions that provide entities – particularly the army and police, construction companies, manufacturing firms and oil and gas companies - with clearer, more reliable communication and the necessary tools to improve functionality in the workplace. We are proud to be pioneers in bringing the DMR technology to Africa and we are committed to provide customers with product that is not just cutting-edge but also unrivaled technical support”.
Agendas for the September 25th th and 26 th conferences mirrored one another with presentations focused on Motorola's MOTOTRBO, Trunking MOTOTRBO, Dimetra IP Micro and Dimetra IP Compact TETRA solutions, SafeMobile applications, Barrett Military Equipment/HF Professional Radios and Zetron Integrated Command and Control Systems, all solutions and technologies geared at driving communications to digital integration.
Nicolas Coussinoux, Sales and Distribution Director for Africa of Motorola Solutions EMEA, gave a detailed presentation on Motorola’s current analog radios portfolio and progressed to existing MOTOTRBO™ portfolio. The highlight of Nicolas’s product presentation was undoubtedly MOTOTRBO™ next generation 2.0, including the DM4000, DP4000, DP2000 and SL4000 Series. The flexibility and possibility offered by MOTOTRBO™ systems along with the best-in-class audio quality, embedded GPS, Bluetooth - all offered by next generation MOTOTRBO™- have grabbed the audience attention throughout the whole presentations.
To illustrate how you can utilize your MOTOTRBO™ system to its full potential, Adel Achich, AIR Regional Sales Manager for Maghreb, presented the GPS application solutions - SafeDispatch® & SafeNet ® (SafeNet® Enterprise & SafeNet® Consumer) empowered by SafeMobile, along with the newest release RadioPod and RadioPad, the first Wireless Command & Control Center for Mototrbo (DMR) Radios. Adel highlighted: “SafeNet® Enterprise is the most advanced web-based application for MOTOTRBO® Radios on the market. Enabling dispatchers to track their staff and mobile assets in the field, and allowing customers monitor their business at the office, from home or on the road by secure login access to their account through SafeMobile’s Website. ”  
Abou-bakr Lamana continued with an overall TETRA sales overview within EMEA, followed by the deep dive into Dimetra IP Compact and Dimetra IP Micro system offerings, benefits, and the comprehensive TETRA terminal overview. Mister Lamana also gave a general presentation on AIR’s Wireless Broadband Solutions, pointing out the feature updates and benefits of Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Mesh, LTE, WiFi and WIMAX technologies.
The following sessions on Barrett Military HF and VHF equipment, HF professional radios and Zetron Integrated Command and Control System focused on the array of the products and solutions distributed by AIR that streamline mobility while enhancing security specifically for the public safety sector.
The second day of the event was dedicated especially to AIR’s current and future channel partners in Africa. Nearly 50 participants representing 15 companies from Togo, Benin, Niger, Mali, Gabon, Chad, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, attended this day of the seminar. The various presenters from Motorola Solutions, AIR, Zetron and Barrett Communications have customized the presentations specifically for industrial and commercial customers, while the reminder of the day focused on building and developing strong business relationships with existing and new dealers in Togo and the surrounding areas.
In addition, Catalina Tatu, AIR Inc marketing coordinator, delivered a complete presentation on how AIR can support its channel partners to further grow their business from marketing’s perspective. The key messages pointed on how our current and potential partners could benefit from the marketing support and communication platform provided by AIR.
The third day of the event focused strictly on product technical trainings. Adel Achich, AIR and Motorola Certified Technical Training Instructor, opened the technical training session with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Programming Technical Training, including Linked Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus programming and configuration.  Adel showcased various MOTOTRBO system applications and examples of how to configure a MOTOTRBO system. His full day training workshop provided useful technical information for the participants who had very little knowledge or questions regarding the programming and the configuration of DMR radios. Mister Achich concluded: “In our experience so far, the majority of the participants appreciate this type of technical training sessions, because it gives the audience the chance to address specific questions while providing them the basic information in order to help them programming digital radios and to ensure optimization both on radio and system level.
The technical training day ended with a Certificate Distribution Ceremony conducted by mister Abou-bakr Habib Lamana. About 50 participants who completed the technical training session were presented with “MOTOTRBO Programming Training” Certificates.
Many new reseller partners were present at the event and expressed their desire to join the AIR family. Maya Peshanova, AIR’s Sales Director for Africa and Balkans was pleased by the response to the meet. “Our channel partners have been critical to the success formula and we have always believed in growing together. AIR will continue to invest in business development, helping its partners in Africa with presentations, technical demonstrations, business advice and special offers”, concluded Maya.
The event itself was successful at reinforcing AIR’s presence in Central and Western Africa and highlighting the benefits of various innovative products and solutions distributed by AIR, such as MOTOTRBO™, Dimetra IP Micro, Dimetra IP Compact, SafeDispatch®, SafeNet®, RadioPod and RadioPad,  Barrett HF Professional Radios and Zetron Integrated Command and Control System. Furthermore, the success of the event was mirrored in the continuous discussions afterwards between partners, key customers, AIR and vendors.
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