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Icom Marine Portable Radio: IC-M72

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The Portable Radio With More Power

  • Compact Body, Great “Form Factor”
  • Highest Available Power! 6 Watts
  • Submersible Up to 1.5m for 30 Minutes
The Icom M-72 VHF Marine Transceiver offers a compact design with flexibility and ease of use to make marine communications a breeze. Durability to withstand submersion of up to 1.5m for 30 minutes makes IC-M72 an ideal communication solution to have on board any waterbound vessel.  With the built-in Force5 audio this unit is able to be heard loud and clear in most marine environments, including overly loud engine noise.

The Main Features of Icom Marine IC-M72 Series Portable Radios 

IC-M72 offers a variety of scanning functions to simplify use, such as auto scan, which kicks in when no signal is being received, or the simple add/delete TAG scanning operations. A key attribute with this model is the AquaQuake draining function which will emit a vibrating sounds to clear water away from the speaker grill, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.
Frequency Ranges:
  • Tx: 156.025–157.425MHz
  • Rx: 156.050–163.275MHz
Usable channels: USA, INT, CAN*, WX channels
*Depending on version

Features Include:

  • Compact Body, Great “Form Factor” – easy to use with just one hand!
  • Highest Available Power! 6 Watts
  • Impressive Force5Audio
  • Submersible PLUS (IPX8)
  • Wide Viewing Angle LCD (with bright LCD backlightning and backlit keypad)
  • Auto Scan Function—starts scanning when receiving no signal
  • Auto Power Save Function
  • Instant Access to Ch. 16 and Ch. 9 (or call channel)
  • Auto WX scan and WX Alert Function
  • Simple Add/Delete TAG Scanning Operation
  • Built-in Compatible Voice Scrambler (depending on version)  
The IC-M72 is ideal for Commercial, Industrial and Public Safety Maritime markets. Icom Marine Products—setting the standards for today, tomorrow and the future in maritime communications safety.

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