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Voice and IMS Testing

AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş. is a premier distributor for Spirent Communications and is pleased to offer Voice and IMS Testing Solutions featuring Spirent's Abacus 50, Abacus 5000, and Abacus 100.
Spirent's Abacus delivers users the ability to test scalability, performance, interoperability and voice quality for voice, video and data over IP prior to and during deployment phases, which eliminates the need for multiple testing tools and provides better cost efficiency testing. Benefits of the Abacus also include reduced test time through stack-based methodologies and avoidance of performance issues or network downtime through enhanced reliability and interoperability.
What does Spirent do for service providers and manufacturers? Spirent enables them to test the migration from legacy to converged network equipment, including multi-play applications. Load handling, functionality and interoperability issues are easilty identified and resolved, through Abacus's synchornized and elaborate testing scenarios with real-time statistics and integrated protocol analysis.
The integrated testing scenarios Abacus offers is truly the most cost effective solution to adequately testing and verifying converged network infrastructure(s).

Benefits of Abacus:
√ Seamless Test Interoperability
√ Simulation of Hundreds to Thousands of IP Telephones & Gateway to Gauge
√ Performance and Scalability Limits
√ Simplified Testing of Converged IP Telephony Networks & Services with following VoIP protocols:
       – SIP                      – Skinny                             – IUA-PRI
       – IMS                     – MGCP/NCS                        – IUA-BRI
       – SIP-T                   – H.248/Megaco                  – BICC
       – SIP-I                   – SIGTRAN M3UA                 – T.38 Fax over IP
       – H.323                  – M2UA
√ Comprehensive Device Testing For Effects on Voice Quality
√ Highest Scalability of Voice Centric Infrastructure Testing
√ Simultaneous Support of IP Telephony, PSTN and Analog to Test Interoperability of Disparate Devices
Spirent's Voice & IMS Testing Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets. For more information on the Spirent Abacus Voice & IMS Testing Solution go to or to learn more about their portfolio of Broadband or Communication Network Testing Solutions go to
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