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Wireline Simulation and Impairment Generation

AIR Telekomünıkasyon Çözümlerı Tıcaret Sanayı A.Ş. is the premier distributor for Spirent Communcations and is pleased to offer Wireline Simulation & Impairment Generation Solutions featuring Spirent's portfolio of DLS products.
Spirent Communication's DLS Wireline Simulation product(s) deliver a vast portfolio that aims at providing the most accurate reproduction of last mile conditions in a lab environment. We all recognize that real world noise such as cross talk, RFI and white noise greatly affect the performance of modems and DSLAMs, but Spirent's series of DLS noise and impairment generators provide a platform for you to test and verify that your products and/or service applications are delivering the best quality of experience to the end customer, while ensuring the success of your products or service.
By utilizing Spirent's line of DLS simulation products you can guarantee the consistency of your results by using the same product as the vast majority of network equipment manufacturers, chipset vendors and service providers throughout the world. The consistency of the product(s) will bring you peace of mind, confidence in accuracy levels and repeatability after deployment.
Benefits of DLS:
√ Library of Standards-defined Noise Packages
√ Delivers High Degree of Accuracy and Repeabability—leading to high levels of confidence post deployment
√ Capability to Insert xDLS Physical Layer Noise Impairments
When it comes to delivering reliable products and services to the market, Spirent is there, giving NEMs, chipset designers and service providers the competitive advantage they need by providing testing solutions that enable fast results for exacting conformance and performance standards.
Spirent's Wireline Simulation & Impairment Generation Solution is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets. For more information on Spirent's DLS Wireline Simulation and Impairment Generation Solutions go to or to learn more about their portfolio of Broadband Testing & System Solutions go to  
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