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CalAmp Dataradio: Viper SC

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Dataradio Viper SC

IP Router for Licensed Spectrum

  • Supports Bridge or Router Configuration
  • Offers 128 AES Advanced Encryption & Security
  • Provides Single Device Store & Forward for Network Expansion
The Dataradio Viper SC delivers wireless IP and long range communications that are secure; no longer do users have to choose between the two. Featuring a robust communications link for VHF, UHF and MAS licensed networks, the Viper SC has an internal web browser with an interface that both IT and network administrators can relate to that allows them to set up and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy upgrades from anywhere.

The Main Features of CalAmp Viper SC Dataradios

By offering multi-speed operation that uses variable modulation, the overall system performance is improved resulting in an adaptive network that is both optimized for high performance and reliability. Each remote Viper SC can then communicate to a Viper SC Base Station at a faster speed supported by a given signal strength.  One advantage of the Viper SC is its capability for route redundancy. By allowing a unit to switch from the primary path to a secondary path when system interference or link degradation is encountered, the user doesn't lose valuable time, system performance or the communication.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 132–174 MHz
                  215–240 MHz
  • UHF: 406–512 MHz
  • 900 MAS: 928–960 MHz
Features Include:
  • Single Device Store and Forward for Easy Network Expansion
  • Simultaneous Communications via RS-232 Port & IP/Ethernet
  • Up to 128 kbps @ 50 kHz with Superior Data Compression
  • Advanced Security and Encryption, 128 AES (meets FIPS 140-2 requirements)
  • 1–10 Watts Continuous Duty; Software Selectable
  • MultiSpeed Operation Utilizing Variable Modulation—Enhanced System Performance
  • Configuration Mode: Bridge or Router 
  • Embedded Web Server for Programming/Setup
  • Mesh Networking Utilizing Neighbor Discovery
  • On/Off-line Diagnostics for Network Health and Status

Each Viper SC features store and forward that enables a longer communication range and easy network expansion. With advanced diagnostic capabilities, over the air firmware upgrades, channel migration and RoHS compliance, the Viper SC is one investment that can be counted on well into the future.
The Dataradio Viper SC IP Router is ideal for Oil & Gas, Utilities, Public Safety, Municipalities, Transportation, and Security markets. Delivering critical data when it matters most and technology that meets future needs. 
Viper SC Datasheet
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