DCS 5020

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Digital Console System
  • Supports Up to 30 Channels & 16 Screen Based Operator Consoles
  • Easy to Use Graphical User Interface
  • Integrates Telephone Call Handling and Radio Dispatch

Zetron's DCS-5020 is designed to meet the needs of small integrated control rooms that combine radio and telephony interfaces, while offering many of the same features as a traditional console system. Combining telephony with digital or analogue radio control, it supports up to 30 channels and 16 screen-based operator consoles. No central switch is required, even with multiple operator positions as the DCS-5020 utilizes distributed architecture. This ensures a fully scalable, cost-effective solution down to a single operator position, while providing a high level of system resilience for mission critical applications.

The DCS-5020 includes Selcall (5-Tone), Digital Input/Outputs, and audio delay enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of the system. Its modular design allows for compatibility with a number different modules from iDEN to TETRA and MPT1327 to GSM networks (see brochure for full detail compatibility). The system architecture supports flexible system layout with operator positions and system resources being local or remote from one another.
Applications Include:
→ Small Control Rooms
→ TETRA Wireless Console
→ Mobile Command Center
→ Fallback Control Centers
→ Command and Control Center with Mixed Technologies
*See brochure for full application adaptability and applications
Features Include:
√ Digital Communications Console System
√ Integrates Telephone Call Handling and Radio Dispatch
√ Resilient Distributed Architecture
√ Flexible User Interface
√ Digital Switch, Modular Design
√ Supports and Integrates Analogue Radio, MPT1327, and TETRA Voice and Data
√ Intelligently Integrated Call Queuing Feature
√ Multilingual Operator Presentation
√ IP Connectivity Option Between Two Sites
√ Range of Operator and Audio Interface Options

The Zetron DCS-5020 Digital Console System is ideal for Public Safety, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Private Industry markets. Zetron—ensuring the highest voice quality reliability for mission critical communications.

DCS 5020 Brochure
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