Vertex Stadard: VXR-7000

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Dual-Purpose Repeater for Efficient Communications
  • Offers Local or Remote Operating Capability
  • 47 CTCSS Codes/108 DCS Codes
  • Convert To Talk at the Press of a Button

The Vertex VXR-7000 not only helps expand the communication range of two-way radio systems, but it also serves as a base station for convenient, easy fleet communications.

The VXR-7000 has DTMF decoding built-in to coordinate with the Emergency and ANI functions found in Vertex Standard mobile and portable two-way radios.
Frequency Ranges:
√ VHF: 136–150/150–174MHz
√ UHF: 403–430/450–480MHz     

Features Include:
√ Up to 16 Channels
√ Power Levels: 10–50 Watt
√ 8–character ANI/ENI ID Display
√ BCLO, BTLO Functions
√ Continuous Duty Cycle Operation
√ Battery Revert Operation
√ Community Repeater Operation (up to 16 tones)
√ DTMF Encode/Decode
√ Internal Duplexer (optional)
√ Line Interface Port
 Available in :
    → Conventional: Local
    → Trunking: SmarTrunk, MPT1327
Vertex's VXR-7000 is ideal for use in Commercial, Industrial, Transport and Telecom Services markets. When higher priced models are simply not in the budget,consider Vertex Standard and the versatility, functionality and reliability this product line offers.
Vertex Standard VXR-7000 Series Repeater Base Station Specifications Sheet
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