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Dimetra IP Compact

Dimetra IP Compact
American International Radio, Inc. is a premier distribution partner for Motorola and is pleased to offer TETRA Solutions featuring Motorola's Dimetra IP Compact Solution.

Designed to offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions that are easily deployable, network resilient, and increases productivity for more effective management of allocated resources the Dimetra IP Compact Solution provides a scalable, flexible and modular architecture that is both cost effective and simple to use.

Why Choose Dimetra IP Compact?
Dimetra IP Compact is designed for small and medium size systems (up to 25 radio + control sites). It offers all the TETRA features, including an E1 PABX/PSTN phone connection (up to 30 simultaneous phone calls), Air Interface Encryption (TEA1, 2, 3), local and remote dispatcher consoles connectivity, redundancy options for the core elements, call recording/playback, etc. The connections between sites are made via fractional E1 or X21 lines.
Optional Multi-Slot Packet Data (MSPD) services provide up to 28.8 Kbps gross data transfer, enabling delivery of integrated voice and data communications. Simple to transport, install, and operate, switch also offers optional security features, such as TETRA Air Interface Encryption and E2EE solutions.
Compatible with Motorola MTS2 and MTS4 TETRA Base Stations and MCC7500 IP Consoles.
Simple to transport, install and operate, it is an ideal solution to meet the growing demand for proven TETRA capability from small to medium sized private radio networks. These range from regional municipal and public safety markets to industrial and commercial users requiring integrated radio communication solutions. The flexibility of the Dimetra IP Compact also makes it ideal for rapid deployment in emergency and mission critical scenarios.
Benefits Include:
→ Scalable in Size & Features: from voice only to full system capability, from single site to multi site
→ Compact, Efficient and Flexible
→ Low Cost of Ownership
→ Flexible Installation
→ Enhanced IP Architecture: to ensure optimum call set up and availability 
Enhanced System Rack Features Include:
√ Short Data Services
√ Packet Data (Single Slot & Multi Slot)
√ Telephone Interconnect Gateway
√ System Redundancy Option
√ Voice Recording Option
√ Security Option, including:
     – Authentication
     – Air Interface Encryption
     – End to End Encryption Support
Motorola's Dimetra IP Compact Solution is ideal for Public Safety, Industrial, Commercial, Emergency Response and Transportation applications. For more information on Dimetra IP Compact Solutions please contact your local AIR sales representative or click here
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