Series 4000

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Communications Control System
  • Designed for Multichannel Radio Systems
  • Offers CRT Bases Operator Positions
  • Supports Wireless Console Capabilities
Zetron's Series 4000 Communications Control System offers users exceptional reliability, ease of use and economical efficiency. Designed for multichannel radio systems, the Series 4000 provides monitoring and dispatching capabilities for up to 48 conventional or trunked radios. Compatible with virtually all manufacturers' base stations, control stations and repeaters (using Local, DC tone or standard tone) it provides superior flexibility to support a wide variety of user requirements.
Unique capabilities of this system are CRT bases operator positions, trunked radio compatibility and integrated instant recall recorder which captures radio traffic on each channel. In addition the Series 4000 delivers a wireless console concept which interfaces with a variety of different trunked radios using subscriber units (mobile radios) as control stations. This setup avoids the extra costs associated with additional infrastructure equipment and recurring wireline leases.
Built with reliability in mind the Series 4000 can be configured for "no single point of failure" or full redundant operation, ensuring your organization's communications are kept up and running even during potentially catastrophic events.
Features Include:
√ Programmable Channels
√ Up to Three Unselect Speakers
√ "Channel Check" Integrated Instant Recall Recorder Option
√ Last Call Transmit
√ Volume Enhance & Level Meter
√ Auxiliary Input/Output
√ Multiple Alert Tones
√ Console Intercom
√ Emergency Alert/Acknowledge
√ Instant Call Paging
√ Simul-Select
√ Individual Channel Volume
√ Support Multiple Concurrent Patches
√ Mute/All Mute
√ Call Indicator & Busy Channel Indicator
√ Instant Transmit
√ Interfaces to Analog and Digital Conventional Radio
Zetron's Series 4000 is an ideal platform for supporting communication interoperability. Two or more agencies with different trunked radio schemes can be patched together, allowing free flowing communications.  
The Zetron Series 4000 Communications Control System is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Security, Commercial and Hospitality markets. Zetron—ensuring the highest voice quality reliability for mission critical communications.
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