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Fusion Telephone Interface Module: TIM

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Telephone Interface Module

  • Delivers Voice-Prompted Wireless Messaging
  • Easily Connects to Standard Phone Systems
  • Provides Full Integration with Other Fusion Series Modules
The Fusion series of modules offers users a scalable, modular architecture messaging system designed for those markets that fall between desktop paging and high-level software messaging systems.  The series delivers a number of modules that range in providing control amongst all models, alarm monitoring, paging needs, and interactive voice response.

The Main Features of Fusion Telephone Interface Modules

The Telephone Interface Module provides users voice-prompted wireless messaging from a standard business phone line system. Whether you run a hotel or a hospital, a casino or a child care center, the TIM puts the power of wireless messaging in your dialing finger. Callers are greeted by a series of voice prompts directing them to provide the pertinent information which is then redirected back to the Messenger console of Fusion Series via the telephone keypad. This setup allows callers to send instant messages directly to mobile phones, pagers, PDAs and email addresses utilizing the standard phone keypad.

Features Include:
  • Voice-Prompted Wireless Messaging
  • Robust Rack Mount Option
  • External LED Indicators
  • Connects to Standard Phone System
  • Integration with Fusion Series
The TIM is available in either a durable plastic enclosure case or an industrial design rack mount unit, which is designed to deal with demanding requirements of industrial paging applications.
The Fusion Telephone Interface Module (TIM) is ideal for Hospitality, Commercial Retail, Security and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts!
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