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SafeDispatch for MOTOTRBO Radios

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American International Radio (AIR) is a premier Distribution Partner of SafeMobile Applications and Software, AIR offers its channel partners SafeMobile's SafeDispatch Solution for Motorola's MOTOTRBO™ radios.
SafeDispatch for MOTOTRBO provides all the necessary means to effectively track and monitor mobile assets by adding the features and capabilities of the software application to the functionality embedded in the radio. 
SafeDispatch is the client-hosted software application that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer without incurring any monthly fees associated with web-based applications.
The SafeDispatch application provides five suites/modules which include: GPS Suite, Text Messaging Suite, E-mail Suite, Reporting Suite and Voice Dispatch Suite. The application itself works with a flexible mapping engine allowing users to select from Google Maps, Microsoft Map Point or company defined vectorial format maps.
 GPS Suite:
  • Real-time location information
  • Unit status on/off
  • Polling or immediate location reporting
  • Landmarking
  • Geofencing
  • Alarms
  • Speed and heading information
  • Historical data
  • Voice communication
  • I/O monitoring
Text Messaging Suite
SafeDispatch is enhanced with text messaging capability that allows for SMS communication between the radio and the dispatcher. The dispatcher can send messages to any radio or group of radios and can also receive messages from radios in a dedicated output screen in SafeDispatch.
E-mail Suite
The E-mail Suite allows radios to send messages to any email address and to receive messages sent from an email address. This function enables the dispatcher to communicate with its mobile assets from his computer at home without having to run the SafeDispatch application from his computer. 
Reporting Suite
The SafeDispatch Reporting Module offers a variety of reports available for easy data interpretation: MOTOTRBO ARS, Speeding Report, End of Day Report, Stops Report, Fleet Report, Geofencing & Landmarking Report.
Voice Dispatch Suite
The enhanced capability of Voice over IP allows the dispatcher to communicate with the drivers directly from SafeDispatch, also enabling the recording and logging of calls at the same time.
In addition to the five modules/suites listed above, SafeMobile also offers a subscriber and user manager module.
Subscriber and User Manager Module:
Allows the dispatcher to manage user accounts and give various access privileges to various users. The dispatcher can also register and edit unit information to be tracked and monitor through the SafeDispatch application.
Mapping options:
  • Google
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Customer provided maps (MapInfo, any raster or vectorial format maps)
Compatible with the following platforms:
  • Conventional
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus 
System requirements:
• Required radio hardware: MotoTRBO R1.4
• Required IP technology: TCP/IP connectivity (LAN,WLAN,VPN)
• Minimum computer hardware requirements are:
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional w/Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • CPU: Intel/AMD 1600 Mhz or greater
  • RAM: 1.0 Gb or greater
  • Hard Drive: 40.0GB or greater
  • Ethernet Card: 10/100 LAN
  • USB: USB 2.0 High Speed,Internet available
• Required know how: basic computer and windows system knowledge 
Gateway Software compatible with: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and also Windows 7.
The SafeDispatch Solution is ideal for Government, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Military, Industrial and Public Safety markets. Providing flexibility and scalability to meet the demanding needs of asset management—SafeMobile delivers solutions that go beyond standard GPS technologies.

SafeDispatch for MOTOTRBO Brochure
SafeDispatch Version 4.0
SafeDispatch Workstation
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