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IntactPhone – A game-changing enterprise mobile security


IntactPhone is probably the world’s best secured mobile device, providing in-depth protection against cyber-attacks and eavesdropping.

IntactPhone secures the entire mobile communications environment, combining best-of-breed security, central mobility management and performance assurance tools.

IntactPhone is a ground-up secure mobile device solution, geared at enterprises that want to ensure their mobile devices and communications remain safe, thus protecting their internal information and preventing malicious data use against them or against the facility they operate.

The solution secures not only the communication session (with end-to-end encryption for both voice and messaging) - but also protects the perimeter of the actual device, with custom-built operating system. The security-rich Android-like OS is augmented with a fused central command-and-control layer that controls use and content–along with complete remote control from afar and self-troubleshooting app for always connected users and seamless device performance.

It is a tightly-managed mobile solution, based on hardware of trust,  supporting both BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) and COPE (“Company Owned Personal Enabled “) –which enables members of the organization to communicate in a secure, encrypted manner.

IntactPhone is delivered as a Cloud service (running on AWS) or as an on-prem implementation.


Whole Device Protection

The IntactPhone is a monolithic contained device, protecting the user from known and unknown cyberattacks. Unlike other secure devices that quest to compromise between privacy and security, the game-changing IntactPhone is designed as a unified container to safeguard the entire mobile device regardless of the attack vector.

Multi-Tiered Security Built From the Ground Up

The IntactPhone is designed to provide unmatched protection against mobile cybercrime. The API level integration across its components – hardened device, custom operating system, encrypted communications, command center, and applications – narrows the attack surface for cybercriminals and delivers a one-of-a-kind, highly robust defense.

Best-In-Class Encryption

The IntactPhone delivers encrypted voice over IP utilizing ZRTP. ZRTP uses ephemeral Diffie-Hellman with hash commitment. The secure messaging is delivered via iMessage like end-to-end encryption, including AES256 message encryption with 256 bit key length, and RSA 2048.

Users Privacy and Control

The IntactPhone device ensures that device owners have complete privacy: proprietary push notification mechanism assures that no communications data can be stored by a third party. The disk encryption key is known only to the device owner who actually sets it up, and it is not kept by any other party.  The voice encryption keys are destroyed at the end of the call, which precludes retroactively compromising the call by future disclosures of key material.

IntactPhone Solutions

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