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December 2, 2008

American International Radio, Inc. To Diversify Broadband Portfolio–More Options, More Choices

Chicago, Illinois–December 1st, 2008—American International Radio, Inc. in a strategic move to broaden its wireless portfolio has expanded its range of available products to encompass entry-level products to cutting edge services by introducing Tranzeo, SkyPilot, Exalt, and Airspan to their Broadband offerings. In addition to selling Motorola’s MotoWi4 technology AIR will now offer a variety of broadband services for every price point in the market, being one of the few distributors bringing WiMax to the forefront of Broadband Solutions.

At the front of the line is Tranzeo, their entry level price point featuring an array of high performance products and accessories, with reduced installation time, and crafted for optimum outdoor endurance.

SkyPilot offers simple, flexible network deployment through a common multi-service solution that delivers increased capacity, high performance, greater coverage and synchronized network timing for optimum efficiency. Their products and technology provides scalable broadband wireless networks that adapt to density demands, prioritize traffic and provide greater redundancy; priced aggressively against other market standards not offering the same set of features and functionality.

As with many of the other vendors brought on board through American International Radio’s Broadband portfolio, Exalt seeks to poise itself as a leading supplier of backhaul wireless in the following markets: Industrial, Oil & Gas, Government, Public Safety, and Enterprise targeting in on the Healthcare, educational and retail markets. Their product platform provides maximum reliability and security, higher throughput, and multiple band support enabling cost-effective TDM to IP migration strategies to leverage existing infrastructures.

Airspan Communications Ltd. has partnered with AIR assigning them distribution rights to sell directly to carriers their wireless broadband product lines offering WiMAX, Wi-Fi and VoIP connectivity. Aligning themselves with AIR will strengthen their position in markets where AIR is well known and much interest has been expressed in broadband technology and WiMAX amongst current customers. As one of the leaders who are paving the way for WiMAX through innovative and practical real-world solutions, Airspan seeks to provide consumers, products that are economical, scalable and deliver high quality to all sectors of the market. 

AIR unveiled at a recent event in Bucharest, Romania that in 2009 it was seeking to broaden its product base by incorporating application based solutions to their marketing strategy to provide a series of fully integrated solution packages for clients – starting from a technological assessment of communication needs to incorporating infrastructure, design, products and applications. The expansion of their Wireless Broadband Portfolio showcases the first, in a series of expansions, of a line of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of clients and customers in a variety of industries, including Public Safety, Commercial and Military sectors. 

As American International Radio preps itself for a prosperous 2009, their consistent growth and success will be marked by continuing to forge strong partnerships with the best-in-class suppliers.  This success can already be seen in the variety of suppliers that have chosen AIR to represent them and their broadband offerings.  

AIR will continue to push its slogan, “Communication Solutions When It Matters™” to entice the markets to start thinking of their communication needs more globally, and position themselves as the premier communication solutions leader.

American International Radio is a communications solutions company, privately owned  and operated since 1990 with partners spanning 50 countries including, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Corporate offices are headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

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