EX-s Series GigE

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EX-s Series GigE

Split-Mount, Carrier-Class, Upgradeable Licensed Radio Systems for Medium and High Capacity TDM and Ethernet Backhaul Applications

The EX-s Series split-mount microwave radios are carrier-class, point-to-point systems for the 6 to 40 GHz licensed bands. EX-s Series radios are available in both fast Ethernet versions (ANSI/FCC only) and new Gigabit Ethernet versions (ANSI/FCC and ITU/ETSI).  Each version uses a band-independent indoor unit (IDU) that is paired with a frequency-specific outdoor unit (ODU) that is co-located with the antenna.

The new EX-s Series GigE is built on Exalt"s high capacity Gigabit Ethernet platform, natively supporting a wide range of PDH or SDH/SONET traffic and Ethernet capacities up to 366 Mbps full-duplex per radio carrier and 1 Gbps aggregated over a single Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port. Designed to support any mix of TDM and IP/Ethernet traffic, the EX-s GigE systems offer mobile operators, government agencies and enterprises a smooth, cost-effective TDM to IP migration path. For mobile operators, the EX-s GigE easily supports mobile network evolution from 3G to HSPA/4G/LTE.

EX-s Series radio systems provide 99.999% availability and offer an extensive feature set, including:

        * Native TDM and native Ethernet <>
        * Adaptive modulation and coding <>
        * Advanced data networking  <>
        * Capacity aggregation <>
        * Software configurability <>
        * High security  <>
        * Flexible management <>

EX-s Series GigE

The EX-s Series GigE microwave radio systems are available in the following bands: 6 (lower), 6 (upper), 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23 and 38 GHz. All channel bandwidths are supported from 5 to 50 MHz (FCC) and 7 to 56 MHz (ETSI).

EX-s GigE systems feature band-independent 1RU IDUs available in a variety of interface configurations to meet any deployment, application or migration scenario:

        * Ethernet only: 4xGbE
        * 8xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
        * 16xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
        * 16xT1/E1 + 1xDS3 + 4xGbE
        * 1-3xDS3 + 4xT1/E1 + 4xGbE
        * 1-2xOC-3 + 4xT1/E1 + 2xGbE
        * 1-2xSTM-1 + 4xE1 + 2xGbE

Like all Exalt radio systems, EX-s GigE radios are fully software configurable, easily scaling from PDH to SDH and dynamically allocating traffic between TDM and Ethernet. License key upgrades are used to augment base Ethernet capacity from 25 or 50 Mbps to 100, 200, 300 and 360 Mbps and to enable any of the TDM interfaces as needed.
EX-s Series GigE ETSI
EX-s Series GigE FCC
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