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October 5, 2008

Dorel Speaking
Dorel Speaking Henrik Speaking audience

American International Radio, Inc Hosts “Share, Communicate and Win” Conference

Bucharest, Romania – 9th October 2008—American International Radio, Inc. in conjunction with Motorola, GmbH hosted the “Share, Communicate and Win” event at Novotel, showcasing new communications products and technology, as well as highlighting successes with their local partners – Ageximco, Rokura, and Radiomobil.

Romania was the cradle of AIR’s beginning activities in 1990 and has since grown to direct offices in 10 countries and partners in over 60 countries all over the world, including Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Dorel Nasui, CEO of AIR described his company’s growth best by stating, “We are everyAIR!”  His statement proving true as in 2007, with the support of their partners AIR was able to receive the honor of “Biggest Overall Distributor” within the EMEA region for Motorola.

The company currently offers an array of communications products that streamline mobility, enhance security and address mission critical issues. One such product highlighted at today’s event was Motorola GmbH’s MOTOTRBO ™, the latest digital technology to envelop the market and lead the competition, offering customers a broad spectrum of features and benefits over traditional analogue networks.  In line with the digital platform of products debuting in the market, TETRA is also a featured infrastructure of Motorola GmbH providing prompt and accurate field communications for the public safety sector.

AIR featured Motorola’s newest product line Vertex at “Share, Communicate and Win” indicating the product has been brought on board to extend AIR’s product portfolio, allowing the company to service yet another demographic market by offering a line of radios that are budget-friendly yet still providing plenty of functionality and audio spectrum capability. 

In this upcoming year AIR looks to broaden its product base by incorporating application based solutions to their marketing strategy to create fully integrated solution package for clients— starting from a technological assessment of communication needs to incorporating infrastructure design, products and applications. At today’s event WiBB Broadband Technology was presented as one such application the company offers, and with offices located in Romania it was the perfect opportunity to show the audience what technological developments lay at their fingertips.

Local partners, Ageximco, Rokura, and Radiomobil set their sights on penetrating the market further by becoming the premier providers’ of Mobility and IT Solutions for the region, as well as government entities. Although all three partners reside in Bucharest each compliment’s the other in the territories and markets they cover, as well as the products and solutions they provide from license free radios to sophisticated radio technologies to fully integrated solutions.

The event itself was successful at reinforcing AIR’s presence in the region by featuring their top 3 partners and support received from Motorola GmbH. In addition the success of the event was seen in the continuous discussions afterwards between, partners, key customers and vendors who honored AIR with their participation.

As American International Radio heads into 2009, its consistent growth and success will be marked by continuing to forge strong partnerships both with partners and Motorola GmbH. The integration of a Solutions platform is anticipated to launch the company’s already reputable supplier status above and beyond its expectations and truly mark AIR as the premier communications solutions leader.

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