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Motorola Solutions Remote Terminal Unit: ACE3600

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Advanced SCADA Remote Terminal Unit

  • Offers scalability, flexibility and modularity for optimal performance
  • Easily adaptable to existing or changing system requirements
  • Provides unparalleled level of data security and encryption

The Motorola Solutions ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit provides an advanced data collection and processing unit with the intelligence required to operate in sophisticated SCADA systems. The large memory capacity enables the unit to make control decisions on-site based on status conditions and values provided from local and remote sources. Built rugged tough, the ACE3600 was designed to provide users scalability, flexibility and modularity to optimize the performance of any control system. It proves to be an ideal RTU solution that offers cost effectiveness by minimizing installation and configuration time. The unit is can easily adapt to existing and continually changing system requirements while providing seamless integration with various communication media.

ACE3600 allows two major types of communication: RTU to central and RTU to RTU (peer to peer). Advanced communication and networking capabilities include data transfer via two-way radio, trunked radio, digital radio, data radio, cellular modems, IP networks, line modem and more.

The main features of Motorola Solutions ACE3600 Remote Terminal Units

By delivering reliable operations and automated disruption protection, ACE3600 is able to provide an unparalleled level of data security and encryption that utilizes multiple layers of encryption and time-based data authentication. This net of security is what makes it possible for remote firmware to safely download from anywhere within the system's network.
Features include:
  • Modular Design,Supports Up to Five Ports per CPU
  • Power PC Based Processor Provides Very High Performance
  • Up to 3 Ethernet Ports/Up to 4 Serial Ports/Up to 2 Radio Modem Ports
  • 0,3,5,7 or 8 I/O Slot Wall Mount Frames, 19” Rack Mount on 8 Slot Frame
  • Single and Double Density I/O Modules, including:
    • CPU 3610/3640
    • PS (12VDC, 18-72VDC, 85-265VAC) with optional smart charging of backup batteries
    • 16/32 DI, 16/32 DI/DO, 8/16 relay DO (EE or ML)
    • 8/16 AI, 4AO
    • Mixed I/O (16 DI + 4 DO + 4 AI)
  • Hot Swap I/O Replacement
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range -40 to +70 ºC
  • GPS and NTP for Time Synchronization
  • System Building Tool for Configuration and Programming
  • Remote Firmware and Program Download
  • Compatible with MOSCAD Family of RTUs
Most utilized applications:
Water—improve distribution system or collection system operation, optimize treatment plants and gain chemical and energy savings
Electric Power Distribution—implement distribution automation systems by controlling load break switchgear, reclosers and other IEDs at substations, pad or pole top locations
Oil & Gas—monitor and control flow, pressure, cathodic voltage; perform emergency shutdowns, monitor remote exploration and storage sites
Early Warning/Siren PA—perform routine tests and remotely activate sirens for public annunciation of emergency conditions/situations
Communication Network Monitoring & Control—perform remote monitoring of critical equipment such as power systems, environmental control systems, tower lights etc.
Public Safety—quickly dispatch fire equipment and resources with remote control lights, sirens, voice public address systems, door and more
The Motorola Solutions ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit for MOSCAD is  ideal for Oil & Gas, Public Safety, Utilities, Telecom Services and Siren/PA markets. A radio communication solution built for professionals by professionals.
ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit Specifications Sheet
ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit Brochure
ACE3600 SCADA Solutions Water Brochure
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