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Surveillance vidéo

Video Surveillance

Le portefeuille de solutions AIR comprend de solutions de surveillance vidéo spécialement conçues pour la prévention du crime, la surveillance vidéo et la sécurité des événements spéciaux.

  This end-to-end architecture include the necessary back office applications, devices and broadband transport networks as well as provide advanced video security solutions for:

Crime prevention: a solution that can create an environment where residents could feel safe in their own neighborhoods.
        Automatic License-Number Plate Recognition          (ALPR/ANPR): license plate recognition—looking for          outstanding warrants and other vehicles of interest         DigitalPatroller (DP-2): record/archive video of incidents         Mobile Workstations: provide reliable and secure wireless connectivity and power for mission-critical          applications
Video monitoring in:
      Educational environments—increase student, faculty and staff safety throughout universities, colleges and schools
      Private Enterprises
     Public Safety
      Utility companies to monitor and integrate:
                  • interior of classrooms, laboratories,lecture halls, offices, shops)
                  • all your premises and hard to reach locations
                  • emergency notification systems

Special events security: flexible and instantly scalable solutions for temporary events. Reduce event security costs and extend the reach-out for security staff.

       Wireless video surveillance for special events is fast, cost effective and efficient covering all your           needs for real time information.
      Intelligence-In-Control: Meshed networks enable full access to criminal databases,          remote digital reporting, multimedia, e-mails and other applications wirelessly. At broadband speed          they can turn-and-tilt all connected cameras and create self-healing wireless networks.
         IP-based wireless broadband video surveillance enhace your analogue CCTV and are interoperable          with legacy and hybrid environments.
      Always able to connect and control your network via any wireless mobile device such as           smartphones, laptops.
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