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Telex Radio Dispatch Solution

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AIR is a leading provider of radio dispatch and signaling equipment. We deliver a wide variety of solutions, including the world’s first and most widely deployed Telex IP dispatch solutions, to the federal government public safety, municipalities, utilities and transportation industries.  

IP-Based Dispatch Consoles 

Reliable communication when it matters most.

No other dispatch manufacturer has more IP-based systems in the field than Telex.  With more than 3000 IP consoles being used throughout the world, our proven technologies run communications for public safety, schools, airports, traffic management systems and emergency response vehicles.

Adapter Panels 

The heart of any IP-based dispatch solution.

When it comes to interfacing, Telex Radio Dispatch gives you more choices and more flexibility than anyone else. With a variety of wireline, direct IP and radio gateway interfaces, we make the job of communicating easier.

The IP-224 is the next generation of IP radio gateway to form the heart of the Telex Radio Dispatch System. This redesigned radio gateway does not require any jumper settings or setting of internal pots. Configuration is made simple by the use of a computer for IP settings and communication device settings” The IP-224 can be easily configured to work with both digital and analog consoles, and it performs a wide variety of other tasks related to using radios on a digital network, including state-ofthe-art system diagnostics. The IP-224’s sleek design combines form with function, allowing easy installation, operation, and servicing. The unit may be rack-mounted or placed directly on a desktop, and it is equipped with an LCD display to clearly provide user feedback when programming. VU meters are also provided via the display for alignment purposes. All other configurations are completed in the web browser configuration windows.

The IP-224 is designed to handle the latest radio interface technologies such as NEXEDGE®, IDAS™, MOTOTRBO™, TETRA™, P25, DMR and whatever comes next.

Network Recorder

Track and archive network activity.

With a network recorder, you can record, play back, sort and store all audio and activity on your IP dispatch network—including channel changes, crosspatches and much more. Our recorders are ideal for legal applications, training and day-to- day monitoring of dispatch activities.


Telex Dispatch Catalog 2018.pdf

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