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Farell Ethernet Serial Modem: IP-MOD

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Farell IP-MOD

Ethernet and Serial Radio Modem

  •   Ethernet and serial radio modem for PTP /PTM networks
  •   Remote fully transparent Network Management and Diagnostics
  •   Compatible with most  SCADA protocols

Farell’s IP-MOD Ethernet and serial radio modem incorporates an Ethernet interface to communicate with SCADA host systems i.e. UDP, TCP, TELNET, HTTP, and SNMP. It also offers RS-232 serial support working in serial mode or Serial-Ethernet / Ethernet-Serial mode (as an option).
Each modem is configurable as a master or remote in Point to Point, or Point to Multipoint networks.  The IP-MOD has full SCADA style features through SNMP.  The modem allows users to do non-intrusive diagnosis in real time through SNMP, and allowing users to do remote configurations of units including firmware upgrades. 

The Main Features of Farell IP-MOD Ethernet Serial Modem 

The IP-MOD features 128-bit AES encryption for secure operations, password protected remote configurations including, and is resistant to radio Ethernet surfers.
The modem can communicate with up to 62 remote stations using only two frequencies, only separated by a minimum of 12.5 kHz.  The modem uses VHF and UHF frequency bands to provide a good wide spread communication on the ground.  Along with the high out power and high receive sensitivity of the equipment allows coverage in larger areas, without direct vision equipment.
Frequency Ranges:
  • UHF: 403-520 MHz (various sub-frequency bands available)
  • VHF: 138-174 MHz (various sub-frequency bands available) 
Features Include:
  • 9600 bps over the air data rates in 12.5 kHz channels
  • High performance transmitter with high VSWR protection
  • Over-the-air modem reconfiguration
  • TMOD Suite: Fully graphical utility for configuration, hot reconfiguration, diagnostics and network management.
  • Compatible with most SCADA protocols: Ethernet/IP & Serial (MODBUS /DNP-3 / IEC etc)
  • Ethernet Port is 10/100Mbps (auto MDIX sensing) IEEE 802.3u
  • Smart peer-to-peer repeating
  • Broadcast filtering
  • Collision avoidance system integrated with Farell Instruments designed Protocol
  • Intelligent routing adapted to radio network
  • Secure operation with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Password protected remote configuration including SNMP

Farell IP-MOD Brochure
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