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Fly Taxi takes Lead with MOTOTRBO

Mototrbo DM3600 Base Station

Owing to MOTOTRBO and SafeDispatch customers of Fly Taxi always arriving to their destination in time!

Fly Taxi is Romania’s first Taxi company, which increases their efficiency with MOTOTRBO and SafeDispatch to pick their passengers in time and guarantee safeness for them.
American International Radio, Inc together with its local partner AGEXIMCO integrated the MOTOTRBO digital radio network, with the advanced AVL/GPS application from SafeMobile, a mobile asset management solution.
A MOTOTRBO DM 3600 base station, which is connected to a computer at Fly Taxi’s control center, allows them to communicate with their cab drivers and it also includes text messaging service and many other features.
Owing to SafeMobile's application “SafeDispatch” Fly Taxi is able to track their vehicles in real time and makes it easier to organize their cab fleet and allows them to accommodate to the customers need.
The system also generates reports based on data received from the radios regarding the taxis speed and direction.


MOTOTRBO DM 3600 base station, the perfect communication solution for Fly Taxi

Operators at Fly Taxi can now locate a cab based on a number of pre-determined search criteria, which reduces waiting times!!!
MOTOTRBO maximizes the use of vehicles to maintain optimum levels of service and profitability. The system has also increased safety by allowing operators to pinpoint the exact location of a driver in the event of an incident.
“With the combination of MOTOTRBO radios and the SafeMobile solution, we are now able to improve the efficiency of our dispatching through more efficient routing and job assignment. SafeDispatch shows us a real-time picture of exactly where our vehicles are located and how long they’ve spent on a job site,” said Stefan Georgescu, Dispatch Centre Chief.
Motorola offers with their digital radio system MOTOTRBO a perfect solution for all different kind of communication needs and with their partners American International Radio and SafeMobile you can increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business all over the world.
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