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Fusion Paging Transmitter: IntelPage

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Synthesized POCSAG Paging Transmitter

  • Delivers Simplicity With Enhanced Connectivity and Interoperability
  • Two Level Flex Support
  • Offers Unique Frequency Key Shifting 
The Fusion INTELPage Transmitter delivers unparalleled, reliable coverage for mission critical paging and messaging networks. This state-of-the-art Non Return to Zero POCSAG paging transmitter is designed to meet the most demanding needs and offers a best in class product for enterprise paging, alarm management and event notification. The unique frequency key shifting feature ensures data maintains its integrity and that your workforce "gets the message" no matter where they are and what line of business it is for.
Just about any enterprise network can benefit from utilizing the Fusion INTELPage in combination with a messenger platform and the Fusion Series Event Management Module and the advanced features they provide. In addition the INTELPage offers connectivity to a host of 3rd party systems to enable seamless integration capabilities.


The Main Features of IntelPage Paging Transmitters

With the INTELPage paging, alarm management and event notification can be provided across multiple sites, entire enterprise environments and smaller coverage areas at an affordable and cost effective price. As a fully synthesized paging transmitter INTELPage is capable of operating in most of the world's onsite paging frequencies providing the flexibility and scalability user's need to get communications moving.
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 148-174MHZ
  • UHF:440-470MHZ
Features Include:
  • Fully Synthesized Paging Transmitter
  • Two Level Flex Support
  • Connectivity to Variety of 3rd Party Systems
  • 5 Watt to 200 Watt Power Options
  • Versatile Enclosure Options
  • Scalability to Virtually Any Enterprise Environment
  • Unique Frequency Key Shifting Feature
A built-in serial port on the INTELPage IP can be used to interface with TAP, COMP1 and COMP2 protocols. It enables robust connectivity and  can be used simultaneously with the Ethernet port. To customize and configure the transmitter simply use a terminal or web browser interface. Users also have the capability of expanding system options and features by connecting the INTELPage IP to the Fusion Event Management Module which opens up end-to-end system options that are ready to meet the real time communication needs of your business environment.
The Fusion INTELPage IP Transmitter is ideal for Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Safety and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts! 
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