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Fusion Telemetry Relay Module: TRM

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Telemetry Relay Module

  • Delivers Advanced Wireless Call Point Functionality
  • Supports Remote Control Access Via Over-the-Air Commands
  • Provides "Watchdog" Application to Ensure System Uptime

The Fusion series of modules offers users a scalable, modular architecture messaging system designed for those markets that fall between desktop paging and high-level software messaging systems.  The series delivers a number of modules that range in providing control amongst all models, alarm monitoring, paging needs, and interactive voice response.  
The Fusion Series Telemetry Relay Module (TRM) delivers multi-purpose paging receiver capabilities that can output messages via its serial port as well as controlling almost any device via its 8 inbuilt relays. It can be used for remote control or telemetry purposes, delivering maximum flexibility to a communications system. The Fusion TRM can continuously be added upon providing a network with limitless possibilities while limiting the cost involved to set up the system. Cable runs have no need to be installed as everything is enabled over the air.

The Main Features of Fusion Telemetry Relay Modules

A main benefit of the Fusion TRM is its advanced wireless call point functionality. With handheld wireless call point transmitters, real time messages can be sent to the Fusion TRM and subsequently the data output can be integrated into the messenger sonsole or Fusion series. The advantage with this system set up is users gain access to advanced feature sets which include group messaging, escalations, reporting and much more.
Frequency Range:
  • 135–175MHz
  • 278–286MHz
  • 448–468MHz
  • 929MHz Synthesized

Features Include:
  • Integrated Messaging to Wireless LED Signs
  • 8 Inbuilt Relays
  • Remote Control or Telemetry Functionality
  • “Watchdog” Application to Ensure System Uptime
  • Advanced Wireless Call Point Functionality
  • Remote Control of Machines via Over-the-Air Commands
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface for System Administrators
Ensuring that your communications are always up and running can be a challenge, however with the Fusion TRM and its ability to seamlessly interface with a messenger console or fusion series system platforms eliminates that worry. Functionality can be enabled via a "heartbeat" message at specific intervals to confirm that the transmitter is operating correctly. Should the message not be received back into the system at a designated time interval, the system will notify maintenance personnel through other means of communication such as email, LED displays, SMS or via phone.

The flexibility with the eight on board relays means you have the ability to remotely control just about anything from motors to lights to switches by simply sending a command over-the-air to the appropriate TRM. By utilizing the system in conjunction with other Fusion series products, users gain access to more advanced feature sets including "reminder" and "scheduling" functionality.
The Fusion Telemetry Relay Module (TRM) is ideal for Hospitality, Commercial Retail, Security and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts!  

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