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Fylde Micro Regional Control Processor

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Regional Control Processor

  • Ability to Connect Up to 10 Sites
  • Offers 24 PABX Lines (Up to 8 Different Exchanges)
  • Provides Pooled Channel Control & Call Diversion Store
The Flyde Micro Regional Control Processor(RCP) is used to connect together up to 10 sites to form a regional coverage network. Performing all the Inter-site call set-up management tasks, including PSTN, PABX's and hardwired dispatchers (MHD), Flyde's RCP is an ideal solution for call route management.

The Main Features of Fylde Micro Regional Control Processor 

By simply connecting the RCP to the SCI at each site via RS232 data circuits you have instant access to 10 more sites. It also connects to SYSCON to allow access to all site within the region.
Features Include:
  • Connect Up to 10 Sites
  • 19" 2U Rackmount Case
  • Pooled Channel control
  • Gateway to Line Despatchers (MHDs)
  • Gateway to Inter-Regional Processor
  • Controls 24 PABX lines (on up to 8 different exchanges)
  • Controls 24 PSTN lines
  • Conectivity via:
  •      4-wire Analogue Private Circuits
  •      T1/E1
  •      Microwave or UHF Radio Links
  •      3rd Party Multiplexors Onto a WAN Using IP (delays must be < 100mS)
Flyde Micro's RCP is ideal for Public Safety, Oil & Gas, Government and Industrial markets. Flyde Micro—delivering solutions and products to meet modern day voice and data communication challenges. 
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