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Network Impairment Emulator
  • Define Up to 16 Network Profiles Per Interface
  • Dynamically Change Impairment Profile & Chain Impairments
  • Create Test Bed Matching Your Current Network
Spirent's portfolio of GEM Network Impairment Emulators enable users to accurately create the delays and impairments that occur over live production networks for validating and evaluating new products and technologies. This provides an environment for real-world testing with flexible programming to ensure solutions are fully developed and the quality of experience per user is enhanced.
The Spirent line of network impairment emulators also offers users an array of benefits that include cost effeciency, field programmable architecture which helps to protect investments, improved user Quality of Experience through more detailed and realistic results, and shorter time to deployment with less risk. The system provides users the confidence in that the systems will perform as expected on production networks. GEMs ability to enable validation, performance and interop testing of systems under real-world conditions with precise and reproducible results is at the core of giving users this confidence in their systems the first time around.
Features Include:
√ Hardware Based Architecture
√ Capability to Define Up to 16 Network Profiles per Interface
√ Standards-based Network Impairment Models per:
        – TIA-921
        – ITU-T G.1050
        – MEF-18
        – G.8261
√ Multiprotocol Support
√ Router Mode— to connect up to 16 different IP subnets per single interface
√ Dynamically Changing Impairment Profile and Chain Impairments without Data Loss or Test Restart
√ Capability to Create Test Beds Emulating Real Network Conditions
√ Realistic Problem Replication for Troubleshooting
Spirent's Ethernet Network emulators are an ideal solution offering for testing multimedia products and services, storage networks, circuit emulation services, Timing over Packet, disaster recovery, data center moves, mobile/wireless infrastructure, WAN and TCP acceleration, multi-play applications and many other products or solutions. 
Spirent's GEM Network Impairment Emulator is ideal for Government, Public Safety and Telecom Services markets.  Spirent—delivering the realism of live network conditions into the lab to provide the performance and quality your customers expect. For more information and Datasheets on GEM products go to or to learn more about their line of Broadband Test Equipment and Solutions go to  
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