General Pager: 4140

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Easy to Operate Top-line Display Pager


  • Stores Up to 20 Messages
  • Offers 40 Tone Alerts/8 Melodies
  • Provides 4 Capcodes & Built-in Over the Air Programming 
The 4140 Pager offers reliability and and ease of use, plain and simple. With an illuminated top line display to read the 4140 features an economical solution both easy on the budget, yet built with the quality users need to sustain durability and long lasting performance. Configure the pager to display only the options you want each user to access eliminating the possibility for misuse or misprogramming.

The Main Features of General 4140 Pagers

Do you have multiple frequencies and require one pager to solve all your problems? The 4140 provides the solution. The 4140 is a fully synthesized pager —simply program in the frequency you require any time you need to change the frequency. What’s more, frequency AND capcode programming can be done on the pager itself! This translates to less stock and much faster supply times.
Code format:
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 135–175MHz
  • UHF: 446-470MHz

Features Include:   
  • 4 Cap Codes
  • Line Pager Display
  • 12 Character Display
  • Large Font Display Pager
  • Over-The-Air Programming
  • Synthesized Frequency
  • Memory Retention
  • Out of Range Indicator
  • Hand Programmable for Frequency and Cap Code
  • Priority Override
  • 20 Preprogrammed Alphanumeric Messages
  • Store 20 Messages
  • 40 Tone Alerts / 8 Melodies
  • 3 Selectable Alarms
  • Vibration [1 Hz Vibration]
  • Time / Date Stamp Added on Message Receipt
  • Program via Pager Buttons, PC Software or Over-Air
  • Duplicate Message Rejection
The built-in over the air programming can be used to centrally program times, alerts, capcodes, message deletion and to power off the pager providing the organization better security management of communications and better efficiency.
The 4140 Pager is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Humanitarian, Security, OIl & Gas and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts!
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