General Pager: 7900

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Smart and Easy to Use Pager

  • Designed with Multilingual Capabilities
  • Holds Up to 60 Messages, 500 Character Max.
  • Offers Three Types of Programming Methods

The 7900 Pager offers users a variety of versatile and indispensable features packaged in a heavy duty, durable casing ensuring the unit is protected at all times, even in the most harshest of environments. Clever and simple the 7900 is easy to program and can be configured to display only the options you want each user to access. This feature protects against users accidentally reprogramming the unit or turning off key setting, while minimizing support calls.
By integrating a Priority Override feature users now have the ability to force a priority message using an audible tone on a pager set on an inaudible setting, which is critical for code calls or other emergencies. The "ambulance siren" is another audible alert that signals users to the importance of a code call or if their pager is receiving a critical message. In addition to these great features, the 7900 also allows for code calls to beep or vibrate in a special alert pattern versus normal message receipt. Again alerting the user to the urgency of the message.

The Main Features of General 7900 Series Pagers

Looking for a communication solution that handles multilingual capabilities? Look no further. The 7900 delivers the following languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. In addition it is compatible with Commtech, Zetron and Motorola paging systems, as well as most wide-area paging carriers to simplify integration and communications.

Code format: POCSAG

Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 135–175MHz
                   276-284 MHz
  • UHF: 406-470MHz
  • 900: 929-932 MHz

Features Include:
  • Two-line 2 Line Alphanumeric Display
  • Large Font Display
  • Specially Designed Durable Plastic Enclosure
  • Triple Plastic Thickness vs. Normal Pagers
  • Three Programming Methods
  • Manual Alert Reset Function
  • Duplicate Message Handling
  • 4 Tone Alerts/4 Melodies
  • Vibrate or Tone Differently for Different Calls

Do you have multiple frequencies and require one pager to solve all your problems? The 7900 is your answer. A fully synthesized pager, you simply program in the frequency you require and you’re done. This translates to less stock and much faster supply times.

The 7900 Series Pager is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Humanitarian, Security and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts!

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