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General Pager: Bravo 502

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Bravo 502

Compact, Lightweight and Easy to Use Pager

  • Offers Ease of Use & Is Intrinsically Safe
  • Holds Up to 18 Personal Messages
  • Provides Out of Range Indicator & Alert

The Bravo 502 offers users an intrinsically safe solution with a variety of versatile and indispensable features that provide quick messaging capabilities to meet daily communications needs. View up to 18 messages at a time and receive notification when pager memory is full to ensure optimum storage capacity is kept for incoming messages.

The Main Features of General Pager Bravo 502

The Bravo 502 supports multiple alert types providing users flexibility in their communication style. For messages that require more than the allotted character space, the Bravo 502 features continuous message functionality that alerts you to messages that fall under this category.

Remaining in contact with personnel is of the utmost importance which is why the Bravo 502 features an "out of range" indicator; to let personnel know when they have gone outside the coverage area while an alert sound is indicated to dispatch that they message will not be received until the user returns to the coverage area.
Code Format:
  •  FLEX
Frequency Ranges:
  • VHF: 135–175MHz
  • UHF: 452–468MHz
  • 900: 929–932 MHz

Features Include:

  • Unread Message Reminder Alert
  • 30 Second Memory Retention (during battery changes)
  • Up to 18 Personal Message Slots
  • Time and Date Display
  • Memory Full Indicator
  • Various Alert Types: melody, chirp, vibration, vibration-chirp, silent
  • EL Backlight
  • Individual Message Delete or Delete All Capability
  • Battery Low Indicator & Alert
  • Out of Range Indicator
  • Duplicate, Error & Continuous Message Indication
  • Daily Alarm & Private Time
  • Protects Up to 10 Messages
  • Removable Belt Clip

This new generation of pagers enables on-the-go professionals to stay connected wherever business or life takes them. 

The Bravo 502 Pager is ideal for Government/Public Safety, Humanitarian, Security, OIl & Gas and Healthcare markets. Delivering real time communications and connectivity when every second counts!

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