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Basic DC Remote Deskset
  • Provides System Control from Remote Locations
  • Programmable 4 Frequency Control
  • Selectable DCLOTL
The Gai-tronics IDR100A provides radio system control from remote locations. With a programmable 4 frequency function control, the IDR1000A allows each function key to be programmed for one of 56 dc currents. When resources are an issue, the built-in intercom on the IDR1000A provides deskset users the ability to communicate with each other without tying up valuable radios channels.
If you find that your radio output levels, line losses and noise factors vary on the system, the adjustable receive input sensitivity and transmit output levels offer you the flexiblity to counteract these issues. The system is easy to operate and install with front mounted controls and adjustments, providing you a solution that is easy from the get-go.

Features Include:
√ Programmable 4-Frequency Control
√ Monitor
√ Intercom
√ Multiple Parallel Deskset Support
√ Selectable Parallel Transmit
√ Audio Mute
√ Selectable DCLOTL
√ Selectable Off-Hook Speaker
√ Front Panel Audio Mute/Unmute
√ Adjustable Receive Input Sensitivity and Transmit Output Level
√ Line Receive and Transmit Compression
√ Built-In Microphone and Speaker   
The Gai-Tronics IDR1000A is ideal for Public Safety, Construction, Transport, Utilities, Industrial and Recreational markets. When reliability and commitment to quality converge, Gai-Tronics is there to set the standard and AIR is on hand to deliver.
IDR1000A Brochure

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Audio Accessories

XDM002A Desk Microphone XGM002A Gooseneck Microphone XHS003B/XCCOO4A Headset and Adapter Cable XAAB002A Audio Accessory Box

Miscellaneous Accessories

IDA1000A DC Remote Adapter XLD0001A Junction Box 3308-50008-00 Replacement Power Supply XFS002A Dual PTT & Monitor Footswitch
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