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Icom All Mode Transceiver: IC-7000

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First in its Class with Digital IF Filter Transceiver

  • User Friendly Key Allocation
  • Built in RTTY Demodulator
  • Flexible Installation & Practical Functionality
The Icom IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver offers a stylish and compact design featuring IF DSP, which delivers superior processing performance, and is first in its class to do so. With adjustable digital filters, you'll never have to purchase optional filters to get the job done.

The Main Features of Icom IC-7000 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceivers

Icom has also added a great new feature to the IC-7000; 2-point Manual Notch Filter (MNF), capable of pulling weak signals out of a crowded band by applying 70 dB of rejection to two signals at the same time. If you're looking for superior performance and flexibility in your communications, IC-7000 is the ideal solution for you.
Features Include:
  • Selectable Main Dial Tension
  • SWR Graphic Display
  • 2-Mode Band Scope
  • CW Receive Reverse
  • CW Pitch Adjustable—linking to side tone
  • Tone Squelch in FM Mode
  • 503 Memory Channels
  • Built-in Voice Synthesizer
  • Duplex Mode and Auto Repeater Function
  • DTMF monitor
  • Remote Control Microphone
  • CI-V Interface
  • 2 x MNF (Manual Notch Filter)
  • VOX
  • Flexible Installation with Detachable Panel
  • Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)
  • Thermo Control Silent Cooling Fan
  • Auto TS Function
  • Noise Squelch and S-meter Squelch
  • Preamplifier
  • User-friendly Key Allocation
  • Built-in RTTY Demodulator
  • 35W Output on 430/440MHz Band
Icom's IC-7000 All Mode Transceiver is ideal for Advanced Amateur Communications, Humanitarian, Recreational, Local Administration and Public Safety markets. When it comes to advancing amateur radio technology, Icom leads the way.  
IC-7000 Brochure

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