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Icom All Mode Transceiver: IC-703PLUS

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Compact and Portable HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver

  • Automatically Scales Power Meter
  • Reliable & Power Efficient
  • Offers 3 Memory Locations, Up to 50 Characters per Location

ICOM IC-703 Plus All-mode Transceiver delivers efficient QRP operation through enhanced features and components. With a built-in automatic tuner and improved DSP capabilities, IC-703 provides better tools to reduce interfering signals and eliminate noise to produce a clear, solid tone signal.

The Main Features of Icom IC-703 Plus All Mode Transceiver

In addition Icom has redesigned the PA unit and antenna tuner to extend the operating time of the unit by reducing the voltage and current consumption for a maximum efficiency at 9.6V DC. The built-in CW Memory Keyer provides up to 3 memory locations and up to 50 characters per memory location.
Features Include:
  • 30khz-60mhz General Coverage Receive (depending on version)
  • Built-in Pre-amplifier
  • IF Shift Function with Graphical Indication
  • AGC Time Constant Setting
  • 20db (approx.) RF Attenuator
  • AF Speech Compressor
  • CTCSS Tone Encoder/Decoder for Repeater Access
  • VOX Function
  • All Mode Power Control
  • Split Operation with Receive Frequency Lock
  • CI-V System Capability
  • 9600bps Data Terminal on Rear Panel
  • LCD Backlight
  • Bandstacking Register
  • Combined SQL and RF Gain Control Knob
  • Total 105 Memory Channels
  • Optional Voice Synthesizer, ut-102
  • Built-in SWR Analyzer
Icom's IC-703 Plus is ideal for Advanced Amateur Communications, Humanitarian, Recreational, Local Administration and Public Safety markets. When it comes to advancing amateur radio technology, Icom leads the way.
IC-703 Plus Brochure

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