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Icom Avionic Portable Radio: IC-A14 Com/A14S

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IC-A14 Com

Easy to Use, Rugged and Compact Portable Radio

  • Compact, Lightweight with Rugged Body Design
  • Offers Channel Capacity Up to 200 Channels (IC-A14) & 100 Channels (IC-A14S)
  • Provides Up to 18 Hours of Operating Time with a Single Battery Charge
The Icom IC-A14 Series is the ideal flight companion for the student pilot. This radio practically pays for itself by saving pilots both engine hours and fuel during preflight communications with the tower. By offering two versions with this series users can select from a full keypad version or a simplified four button version this is more suited to ground crew operations. The IC-A14 full keypad version allows you to input the channel or frequency directly and has an exclusive button for the 121.5MHz emergency channel.
The IC-A14 Series uses a BTL amplifier that doubles the audio output, with ample power behind the audio output users can be assured that communications will be heard even in the noisiest of areas, including the tarmac or in the cabin. The water resistant construction and durability of the IC-A14 Series makes it an optimal choice for inclement weather conditions.

The Main Features of Icom Avionics IC-A14 Series Portable Radios

Both versions offer superior channel capacity. The IC-A14 supports up to 200 memory channels with an eight character channel name and provides for the channels to be grouped in 10 memory banks. The IC-A14S supports up to 100 channels but does not offer memory banks. There is a side tone function available on both models that allows users to hear their own voice with a headset to ensure their communications are heard the way they want them to be heard.
Frequency Range:
  • 118.000–136.975MHz
Features Include:
  • 700mW Loud Audio
  • Dedicated Emergency Channel Button
  • Large Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Pack—Up to 18 Hours of Operating Time
  • 200 Channel Capacity (IC-A14) with 10 Memory Banks
  • 100 Channel Capacity(IC-A14S) 
  • Weather FM Channel (IC-A14)
  • Side Tone Function
  • LCD Backlight for Night Operation
  • Adjustable Microphone Gain Setting
  • Auto Noise Limiter for Noise Reduction
  • Compact, Lightweight and Rugged Body Construction
Icom Avionic IC-A14 Series portables allow pilots to keep in touch with the tower while conducting in-plane activity without running the engine. Experience and cutting edge technology in aviation radios—Icom the brand pilots know and trust. 
A14/A14S Brochure

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