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Icom SSB Radio Telephone: IC-M700PRO

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M700PRO Front View

Long Distance Communication Made Simple Radio Telephone

  • Offers Up to 150 Channels
  • Covers Modes: USB, AM, CW, FSK & AFSK
  • Wideband Coverage from 0.5 to 29.9999MHz
Icom's IC-M700Pro SSB Radio Telephone is easy to use, whether you are an SSB rookie or a veteran expert. Designed for affordability, it provides top of the line performance at an economical price. Superior construction includes a die-cast aluminum chassis the delivers excellent RF shielding and heat dissipation for ideal transmission performance.
Communication has never been easier with quick and simple channel selection. Each panel button has one function to provide you an undiluted interface. By delivering 150W of output power the transmitter provides long distance communications you can rely on and is always available to you, even during demanding RTTY or email operation. 

The Main Features of Icom IC-M700Pro SSB Radio Telephone

Enhance your communications with an optional automatic antenna tuner to match the transceiver to your antenna. IC-M700Pro provides channel/frequency knobs that allow users to tune specific frequencies around the memory channel. If you are looking for emergency signaling operation, IC-M700Pro offers an optional 2-tone alarm function to provide simple transmission of these signal with the UT-95 2-tone alarm unit.
Features Include:
  • 150 User Programmable Channels
  • Optional Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Numerous Operating Modes Available: USB, AM, CW, FSK and AFSK
  • Wide Band, General Coverage Receive—0.5 to 29.9999 MHz
  • 150 W of Output
  • 3 Channel Groups, 50 Channels per Group
  • Scan Up to 50 Channels at a Time
  • NMEA plus 2 DIN Connectors are available for external equipment connection, such as a linear amplifier, FSK terminal, E-mail modem, etc
  • NMEA0813 Interface Included 
  • PC Programmable

Icom's IC-M700Pro SSB Radio Telephone is ideal for Public Safety, Military, Humanitarian and Industrial markets. When it comes to setting the standards, Icom leads the way for others to follow.

IC-M700Pro Brochure

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