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Icom Transceiver: IC-7700

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Achieving REAL High Performance Transceiver

  • Features Double Conversion Superheterodyne System 
  • Delivers Robust Performance & Superior Sound Clarity
  • Dynamic +40dBm IP3 Capability
The ICOM IC-7700 delivers the ultimate in receiver performance, integrating state-of-the-art analog performance with the latest in digital technology. The result—a product which achieves:
  • More than 110dB dynamic range
  • More than +40dBm IP3
  • More than +110dBm IP2 in the HF band
Perfection at its best, the IC-7700 employs mechanical relay BPF switching, a digitally tuned pre-selector, and three HI-spec 1st IF filters in a Dynamic range characteristics clean and simple double-conversion superheterodyne design providing superior sensitivity simultaneously with a superb dynamic range.


The Main Features of Icom IC-7700 Transceivers

Icom did not stop there with their quality enhancement, they moved forward using high-grade mechanical relays with large capacitors and toroidal coils, instead of switching diodes and low quality coils that would introduce more distortion. Their selection of high grade components on the IC-7700 delivers a product to the market that is resistant to magnetic saturation, thereby greatly reducing distortion and providing superior linearity.

Features Include:

  • 200W Output Power at Full Duty Cycle,
  • Frequency Lock Function for Split Operation
  • 7-inch Wide Color TFT LCD
  • USB Ports on Front Panel
  • RTTY /PSK31 Operation without PC Connection
  • 4 Antenna Connectors
  • Real Time Spectrum Scope
  • Digital IF Filter
  • High Stability OCXO Unit
  • Digital Twin PBT
  • Variable Noise Blanker
  • Noise Reduction
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • SSB Data Mode
  • S/P DIF Interface
  • High Speed Automatic Antenna Tuner—covering HF to 50MHz band
  • Memory Keyer
  • Microphone Equalizer and Adjustable Transmit Bandwidth
Icom's IC-7700 HF/50MHz Transceiver is ideal for Advanced Amateur Communications, Humanitarian, Recreational, Local Administration and Public Safety markets. When it comes to advancing amateur radio technology, Icom leads the way.    
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