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Icom Transceiver: IC-7800

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The Masterpiece Ham Radio Transceiver

  • Provides 4 32-bit Floating DSP Units
  • Offers Dynamic Receiver Range
  • Flexibility to Adjust Filter Shaping, Bandwidth or Frequency Characteristics
The Icom IC-7800 is 40 years of expertise in the marking, delivering a fusion of analogue RF circuit development paired with cutting edge digital technology to provide superior performance and achieve new technical dimensions—110dB receiver dynamic range and +40dBm IP3 in HF bands.

The Main Features of Icom IC-7800 Transceivers

By incorporating quad processing through the 32 bit floating DSP units and 24-bit AD/DA converters, the radios are able to respond to operator changes instantaneously, as each DSP unit has a dedicated function making the IC-7800 a reliable and flexible piece of equipment.
Features Include:
  • Four 32-bit Floating Point DSP Units
  • +40dBm Ultra-high Intercept Point
  • Automatic Tracking Pre-selector
  • Two Completely Independent Receiver Circuits
  • 200W Output Power at Full Duty Cycle
  • Ultra-high Frequency Stability
  • 7-inch Wide Color TFT LCD
  • Multi-function Spectrum Scope
  • RTTY/PSK31 Operation without PC Connection
  • Professional 6m Receiver
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Auto Antenna Tuning Unit
  • 4 Configurable Antenna Ports
  • CF (Compact Flash) Memory Card
  • IF Notch Filter with Adjustable Notch Filter Characteristics
  • Dual Watch
Icom's IC-7800 HF/50MHz Transceiver is ideal for Advanced Amateur Communications, Humanitarian, Recreational, Local Administration and Public Safety markets. When it comes to advancing amateur radio technology, Icom leads the way.  
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