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Icom Wideband Mobile Receiver: IC-R1500

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R1500 Front View

R1500 Front View R1500 Frontal View 2

Wideband Mobile Receiver with Remote Control Head

  • Offers 1,000 Memory Channels with 21 Memory Banks
  • Wideband Coverage For AM, FM, SSB and CW Modes
  • Provides 60 Channel Per Second Scan Capability

The Icom IC-R1500 delivers ease of use and simplicity for users on the go.
With 1,000 alphanumeric channels you'll have access to a versatile memory channel management system that can be arranged by service or personal preference via the 21 memory banks. Simplify your programming of memory channels via your PC, it's that simple. When frequencies drift into FM modes, the IC-R1500 combats this issue through its AFC function by automatically following the receiving frequency when it does drift. 


The Main Features of Icom IC-R1500 Wideband Mobile Receivers

While similar to the PCR1500, the IC-R1500 is supplied with a remote control head for mobile and/or base station operation. It provides a variety of mounting possibilities in various place. Cloning capabilities are also available, allowing users to read and write memory contents from a PC, while also sharing this data with IC-PCR1500.
Frequency Coverage:
  • 0.010–3299.999MHz*
 * Cellular bands are blocked in the U.S.A. version.
Guaranteed Range: 0.495–3000.000MHz
  • 0.010–29.999*
  • 50.200–51.200
  • 87.500–108.000
  • 144.000–146.000
  • 430.000–440.000
  • 1240.000–1300.000MHz
* Guaranteed range 0.495–29.999MHz
Features Include:
  • 60 Channels per Second Scan
  • Optional DSP Capability
  • 1000 Alphanumeric Memory Channels
  • CTCSS, DTCS Tone and Pocket Beep
  • VSC (Voice Squelch Control)—ignores unmodulated signals or heterodynes
  • IF Filter Selection (for changing IF filter width)
  • Noise Blanker
  • IF Shift Function (SSB, CW mode only+)
  • 30 min – 2 Hour Auto Power Off Timer
  • Fast/slow AGC Setting
  • Weather Alert Function (available in US version only)
  • Short/long Squelch Delay
  • All IC-PCR1500 Functions are Available When Connected to a PC

Icom's IC-R1500 Wideband Mobile Receiver is ideal for Public Safety, Local Administration or Municipalities and Transportation markets. When it comes to advancing radio technology and delivering the solutions you need, Icom and AIR lead the way.   

IC-R1500 Brochure

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